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You, , see them everywhere nearly fifty percent of all vehicles sold in the US, , our sport utility vehicles the International Energy Agency reports SUV's are second only to electric power for the increase in greenhouse gas emissions in the last decade. . But there are a new wave of all electric SUV's and trucks is coming and these new vehicles may be more powerful and boasted longer driving range than many of today's gas-powered SUV's trucks. . So, , how quickly will high tech these take hold in the next decade Chelsea Sexton is an electric car advocate and consultant hi. . Chelsea their quick. . Sketch here, , how close are we to the next wave of electric vehicles and what will their capabilities be? ? We're going to start to see more of them in the next year or two obviously things are slightly influx with the pandemic but most of the automakers are still trying to be within a few months of their original targets and we're seeing everything from plug in hybrid jeep wrangler with thirty miles of electric range for around town driving and. . Gasoline after that, , all the way up to f one, , fifty and riven with a few hundred miles of expected range and I'm interested in that F one fifty story because that Ford truck is the top selling truck in America I think there were nine hundred thousand f-series trucks sold last year and I see that they're retooling a factory in Michigan to build the first all electric f one fifty. . What do we know about that role? ? Not very much. . We're expecting it late twenty, , twenty, , one, , early twenty, , twenty, , two something to that effect and they've not released really any specs other than videos of hauling trains and things to try to prove that electric vehicles really do have as much more performance than gasoline trucks, , what other electric pickups SUV's Few years I'm watching all of them. . There still are some open questions about everyone of them in that most vs today of any model have been sold only in California or the carb states owens have mandates requiring evt's there's not that many vehicles that are available across the country, , and that will be a huge thing to prove what the trucks regarding who's serious, , and WHO's not. . That's an open question for folks like Ford, , will they make these things in volume and sell them nationwide and really get behind them with the marketing and dealer support or is this going to be more of what we refer to as a compliance car which is basically Will sell as many as we have to in the places we have to, , but not really in it with their hearts well, , and part of the answer to that might be consumer attitudes. . Right? ? I mean you helped launch an electric vehicle for GM back in the nineties. . Have you seen consumer attitudes change in that time and if they changed enough to bring in the truck SUV drivers ironically that generation in the nineties had more trucks than SUV's in it than than small cars everyone knows the ev one that was the one I was involved in but Chevy and Ford made pickups at the time and Honda and Toyota made small SUV's so it's Sort of feels like we're yanking the automakers back toward where they started. . There's still a lot of education that's needed. There . are lots of people that are not even aware of electric vehicles, , but in part that's because they've never seen one and they've never been available and so people can't buy what they don't know as even possible. . So there's a lot of education required on that front but the interesting thing about electric vehicles in general is that it is the only example in the history of the automotive industry in which the industry itself has required demand to predate and continually exceeds supply. . What. That . sounds like is every time you hear it automaker executive say when we see demand for electric cars will start to build them. . So it's always been the market polling for from the automakers versus the automakers trying to build their own market for something. . So it's a parallel. . Yes. . Of course, , we need to do more education, , but we also need to start building things that people can see our else. . They're never going to be aware of them in want to buy one. . What about the politics of this? ? How much do you see that playing into the success of the next generation of truckin SUV models I mean we'll some people just not wanNA drive one because of their political beliefs it's possible however. . The irony is that there has always been a fair amount of right wing support for electric vehicles because they use domestic energy, , they keep more money in the local economy. . We're not sending money overseas before an oil, , and so it doesn't always get talked about in this administration because the politics kind of ebb and flow depending on the administration but there is a fair amount of conservative support and they're not just sort of this liberal technology that they're made out to be. . So all politics tend to be kind of transient and. . I've watched it shift back and forth over the years. . So I don't expect the current politics will be permanent <hes>. . But at the same time, this , has always been if not politically driven certainly policy driven it is those external incentives and mandates that have helped compel with the advocates and market asking for them electric vehicles for twenty five years, , and it will probably remain. So . for the next several at least are there any other barriers you see to electric truck an SUV sales? ? The single biggest barrier today is lack of product. . The second biggest is lack of marketing and awareness and education and people not being able to buy what they don't know about and the third biggest dealerships across the board with any EV model if dealers aren't comfortable and wanting to sell vs they're not going to be successful at it, , and so we can put billions of dollars into those first two things. . But at the end of the day, , if someone walks into a Ford dealer in his told well now, , you'd really rather have the gasoline f one, , fifty, , not the electric one that one's Kinda goofy. . All of that money and effort is wasted

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