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Coming out of college had thirty two catches for three hundred and sixty seven yards his first year at a pretty solid season last year but it was a very human in it was. It wasn't like he wasn't he. He was human last year. Sixty seven catches seven hundred twenty three yards six touchdowns goodyear but you know if tile pits given where his his eighty p is. You're going to expect a lot more than what you got from. Tj hopkinson in his second season one hundred percent The next two names on my list is jalen waddell going in the tenth round now. Of course we're we're doing this middle of august which is a good time to do some entire drafts segment. You guys can binge crunch all these numbers together. Get your strategy all set. Some of this stuff might slightly change especially when it comes to a rookie in preseason. But i think for the most part these numbers going to be relatively accurate. But we're going to try and give that information what we're seeing now and jalen water going in the tent. Go into a miami team. That i believe already in. He looks good. I it's hilarious. Sometimes you see title. Seth and then i actually read the article and then a says. Oh it looks good. Catching screen passes from tour. We yeah he. The guy is fast. He's elusive he's playing miami's defense. I mean he's catching screen. Passes crying out loud. I'm sure he'll be doing that in a game. But wait 'til miami's down or two is not scoring points and they've got to actually throw the ball downfield so tough to say. I just know that miami. Obviously they're gonna have to show. That was a real deal. They're they're passing offense really struggle with to a last year demonte parker's numbers went way down like a sex numbers went way down. Those are two weapons are also vying for competition. So it's always tough when we get into the double digits to say no one's worth taking a crack at but in this year long. Stay away from jalen waddell. I just don't let the miami offense. So for that reason. I have him out and i'll combo this other person hearing you can. You can follow this. Upset is devante smith. Similar ask in terms of with the offense jalen hurts. I get i get that. He might or should be the number one but we've seen philly year in and year out draft number one wide receivers jalen rigor nelson abdur devante smith. I like a lot. I mean i really do. I mean but can can jalen hurts. Get him the ball. He's going in the seven. There's there's a lot of competition of wide receivers in that range. So for those two for for a couple of those reasons does wide receivers. I think i'm not gonna have any shares of you know where you at on those. You think that maybe some of them actually have a little bit more upside than. I'm not predicting south. I think it's i think. Devante smith the case for him is volume is jalen hurts having a pretty good season and i mean gonna get should be. He's probably gonna have one receiver. He's no of all the opportunities but that offense is really bad. I think the case for jalen walls will be different. You know his. Ap's a lot lower and he's more explosive. He's more of a I think there's a little more upside with him. And you look at some of the receivers in the in the dolphins depth chart You they're very injury. Prone like these with will fuller Devante parker has been has been injury prone as well and he's been kind of all over the place really disappointing your last year so i think it's tough. I think john waddell. I i would say. I disagree a little bit on june wallace because his adp is so appetizing and we talked about our strategy not to get too much into it right now but he he'd be the perfect high upside liquid bench asset that that maybe you hold onto for for a couple of weeks just to see how it shakes out Devante smith though. I the promises. Adp is you're going to be paying for him Where you say he was going in pulling up right now. Six round seven. I mean i have. I have seven point nine. Yeah yeah so the problem is that you have like you have a lot of receivers that we like a lot going after him coralline sutton. Dj char juju. Ibm's had a monster your last year. So that's the problem with monte smith is. He's he's rookie. He's got but i think it's upside is fairly capped to given how how how at least on paper as of right now. Maybe maybe you know it ends up. Being plays a little differently but that eagles offense looks pretty shaky these receivers both of these receivers. I think you could say project as a wattle. Is this kind of guy that you get you. Get out and open space. He's a big play guy. He's potentially not a touchdown guy or a goal line guy and potentially not a high reception guy so that presents itself offense who might not be very prolific some potential issues and cata similar to like. Is he going to be a touchdown guy. I don't know maybe take the cover off the ball waddell They're both great alabama. So i urge line in san somewhere. So that's where i did with them in. These are probably names that you recognize the draft. You know maybe you don't recognize everyone in the draft and if you're the person that you're not super familiar with all of these rookies or you didn't track the whole. Nfl draft way to get educated on. All of these people is actually doing in setting up yourself. A dynasty type of league. And i've gotta archie sports dot com. They actually they also have Rookie rankings draft guides. You can pull up a list. And they'll rank rookies for you To your point dynasty leagues dynasty dynasty. Leagues changed the whole game. Because then you look at these rookies differently. You look at them in redraft league which can have a better season in dynasty leagues. It's you know who's gonna have a better career So that makes a really fun. You know in our dynasty lead to wear and we do a rookie draft every year in place places. A much greater importance on rookies instead of them being afterthoughts like they are You know a lot of years so our ports. Rt sports the place to go You know dynasty league even look rookie rookie rankings and other rankings. They have employing them upright now. Definitely how go check it out. I know anywhere you try and play dynasty league. It's gonna cost you money. 'cause there's a lot of settings there's a lot of rules so if you wanna play on a good system and you actually want to play for free then head to rt sports slash fantasy. 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