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A father later died at the hospital. The Fiji native was a seven year veteran at the Newman police department seeing now the fifty second member of law enforcement to be shot to death the United States this year. A thirteen percent jump from 2017 those figures coming from the national law enforcement officers memorial fund Craig Floyd heads that grew officers killed somewhere in America every fifty eight hours. There are some one hundred thousand officers who are injured in the line of duty each year, some fifty seven thousand criminal assaults against officers on an annual basis. You're listening to ABC news. New policy has been created by the Trump administration to deal with Mike rents coming over the border after two children died while in border patrol custody. This month homeland security announcing its assessing its medical screening practices of migrants after another child died in the agency's custody or the second time this month Democrats in the house now vowing a congressional investigation, immigrations and customs enforcement, also overwhelmed this week busing hundreds of migrants to a local El Paso park and leaving them there all this. Amidst a partial government shutdown in Washington fueled by President Trump's refusal to sign a budget without money earmarked for some kind of border barrier. The partial government shutdown is entering day. Six with no end in sight. The Senate will return to work for the first time since Saturday. But no votes are scheduled congress is in deadlock over the border wall funding that President Trump is demanding before he will sign a government spending Bill. Trump wants five billion dollars in taxpayer funding to build a wall on the US border with Mexico. The Senate in the house are scheduled to meet at one pm to continue debating the spending Bill it needs sixty votes in the Senate for it to move forward. And in the shutdown all forty nine Senate Democrats oppose the border wall and an earthquake jarred people awake in northern Venezuela. This morning. The US Geological Survey says the magnitude five point six earthquake struck near Valencia it's about one hundred miles west of Caracas early this morning. One witness said their whole house was shaking. No immediate reports of damage or casualties. The threat of severe Dallas weather canceled these serve pro first responders ball between Boise state and Boston College Stephen dossier. Boston's colleges head coach the decision.

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