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The spot grows traveling up and down. A person's limbs as the decaying flesh rush spreads black blisters erupt on the body leaving the skin raw and flayed in some cases muscles can be seen into the gaping holes that the bacteria leave behind. These frightening results can occur within twenty four hours of infection as survivor. Peter Watts said a flesh eating bacteria without a known cure. Sounds like something from science fiction film but it's all too real after intense surgery. Peter survived his infection left with only large scars across his calf but he was one of the lucky ear patients. As we struggled to find better treatments the bacteria continues to grow and find new ways to infect US though rare a new strain of super bacteria in the nineteen eighties led to necrotizing fasciitis appearing stronger than ever before this infiltrated popular consciousness especially in North America. Nobody was safe including those in power in the nineteen eighties please. Canada was introduced to Lucian Bujar a new charismatic member of the Political Party Bloc Quebecois Lucienne quickly rose rose up government ranks until in one thousand nine hundred eighty five. He became Canada's ambassador to France. Three years later he was named secretary we have state. He continued building his career working for the future of Quebec in October. Nineteen Ninety Four. It was a crucial time in Canadian. Politics Politics Quebec was on the brink of secession. Lucian was leading the fight for Quebec's independence but come November. He had to step away. He came down with severe flu. Like symptoms. Political parties replaced their opposing views with well wishes when Lucian admitted himself himself to sound Luc Hospital in Montreal on November twenty ninth doctors originally thought he had a case of thrombophlebitis in his left leg. Thrombophlebitis Occurs When Blood Clock Causes Inflammation in a vain. It typically affects the legs often. It's caused by injuries within the vein vein itself. However when doctors began treating Lucian black clot terror washed over them loosens blood clot was was infected with flesh eating bacteria? The doctors realized they were fighting for his life. And this wasn't the flesh eating bacteria they'd read read about in textbooks while Lucian was building his career. In the Canadian government flesh-eating bacteria had.

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