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But this is in an inverted picture of the car. So you see that fender that is it is that is a sixty nine fender. That is it. Looks like it's. I don't know if this video adverts or not because I've seen that but this is actually. The picture is on the driver's side but the driver's side is sixty eight. That's what I put on the car. A red sixty eight sixty nine on the other side so funny. Well there you go folks something you don't know and hopefully we can get this video online. But so you guys can actually see what Johnny's Talia but now you have to make a video of it to trinity the research because I gotta be honest. I haven't looked into. I know that the audio records but I'm not sure how to get the video out. Okay I think it automatically records but I'm not sure so hopefully hopefully we don't lose the video. Hopefully we got this video but All right so that's general mayhem. That's a I've been wanting to get that story out there for a while because I know you've told him before online but about getting a story out where you actually can hear someone tell it. It's always better than just reading facebook post so on all people. Now people know the origins of general mayhem and that card just magically appear Freiburg's place. Okay with Johnny moped. I before that it was in a pod On guy's property. I mean you have to go. I'M GONNA listen to this podcast again. It just think about that because that it just that just seems like something. A moped guy would do. Yes yes endorsement. We'd better bury these things. That's awesome all. We've talked about that all the time you know. I've told John is like yeah. What you really need is. Because he's talked about burying cars like burying underground code enforcement. Would know it's like well. You need a hill. If you had a hill then you could carve out a cave and put all your car's in the air and the brush over it or whatever you know. I never really thought about that. I'll contact the cities and get a hold of some of those guys because I'm sure they see some cars. I never really thought about that. Might be a good way to find cars as code enforcement. I I have a story. Hey we got time. What Story Johnny? All right well. It's not my story to buddy of mine story but Somewhere out here. This guy had like one hundred cars or something like that and code enforcement nailed him and it was going to abate all his or he had abated it. They call it abated vehicles. That's the crime. It's abated vehicles. Basically a bunch of nine running cars in your property. I think he had a hundred. And so my buddy my buddy Eric. He lived next door to this guy that was a tow truck driver for triple A. And or maybe contracts with AAA. I don't know how that works. But anyways he tells them as like I do. Disguise got one hundred cars. We're all going in there. Like a bunch of tow trucks and tow all of these cars out and they're all going to the crusher going to the junkyard in he says one of them is a sixty-nine. Polara police car A real police car like black and white was a California Highway Patrol car. And he says it's got a big block in it you know or he. He didn't know but my buddy was like it's probably big block. He's like yeah. I want the motor out of that thing. tree at fallen on the car so the roof was crushed on it. I guess so He's like well. How much and he's like. I think you pay two or three hundred bucks for the car. So the David Truck driver goes to the property. You know there's a bunch of these tow trucks in there all grabbing cars and they're leaving instead of taking the Polara to the bone yard or the crusher. Whatever he takes to my buddy's house gets the two hundred bucks and then it goes back to hauling other cars out of there. I don't know what else was in the yard. Par but my buddy pulls the four forty out of the car and then he's got this sixty nine. Pereira Black and white cop car with the roof crush on it and he's in a housing tract living at his grandma's grandma and GRANDPA's place and no room. No backyard no side access. It's like get rid this thing. So what does he do? He pushes it down the street and around the corner and just abandons the car until you know a cop by or something sees abandoned car and then they told the car off and of course it gets crushed so later on. He ended up putting that for forty in his sixty nine roadrunner. But you know he'll tell you now he's like yeah what was. I think you. Why do I keep that car? That was that a real California Highway Patrol car. You know so very cool. The that's a Gosh I sometimes. I wonder like I've been to an auction. That was pretty cool A guy locally named pence bar and he's a local legend is far as Mo Parts. Go and the auction was crazy. I've never seen him. Oh Park collection as big as his. And I don't know if I'll ever see one that big again. I have all sorts of pictures from that thing but I couldn't help but wonder while I was at that auction. I wonder how many collections like this exists that nobody knows about publicly. You know what I mean that I mean Ben was mean he sold parts in. You know he was everybody in the. Mo- par in the local Parson to me in the northwest knew who he was. I'm wondering how many of those guys exists. You know. Stay reclusive that just go to the swap meets in one on by these parts. And just don't tell anybody in what's happened to these collections. You know so. I've been saying for a while. I just need to save up. You know a lot of money. So that auctions come up because I've seen a couple where I wish I could have attended just to get one. I got one thing from that auction. I told myself I was like all right. I've got a little bit. Got a little bit of money but I don't have enough to buy a car but I'm GonNa pick something in this. Collect if you look at the pictures that I have. I have him on the moped hunter page. He had so much stuff like ten. Lifetime's worth of probably what I'll ever have that. He had a couple Air Cleaner leads the coyote duster air cleaner Apparently of Hemi cars and I was was burnt up in the other. One was a little Patina and a little ratty and I was like I want that one. It was lot number one. I think it was one of the first lots that actually got auctioned off and I was like all right you know. This is probably the only time I've ever going to attend a moped auction like this. I'm Ryan I'm leaving here with a souvenir and I want that so I told myself I've got. I've got a lot of money and I'm willing to burn it just to have that. And I got into a bidding. War was guy who had a lot more money than me. I actually I. I mentioned something about that online. He was like oh I was the guy who was bidding against the other one because I was getting greedy. I was like I'm buying this one and the next one. You didn't buy the other one. I spend a little too much by the first. The man I understand. Why the cars at Barrett Jackson mecum why they go for so much sometimes because even with little things you know when you're only spending a few hundred bucks you know they get into that bidding and you're winning the bid and then also on some guy raises his hand. You're like oh you're trying to take something out from and then it becomes a bidding war and it's like A. It's a high that I can't explain Kat. It's getting rich because I probably would've said how much for everything right right but yeah those I wonder how many collections like that exists. Many more options. We're going to see in the future. Well and a lot of that stuff doesn't go to auctions you know There was well that GTS that. I bought from my coffee few years ago. I think he said that the guy had passed away and his so the wife was getting rid of all this stuff and I don't know was buddies of Mike ahead found this lady and he was buying some other kind of car an oldsmobile. Or whatever something else and it's like. Hey you know you knows Mike's into or so he's got a couple of Mo- pars over here and so Was there and he had some O- pars you know you'll have to get the story from Mike but but basically this guy passed on and he had a handful of cars and it wasn't a huge collection but I think it was five or six cars or something like that and one of them was this weekend. Gts that just you know. I think it's been sitting there from the eighties. The three forty got plucked out of the Trans was gone. But the car just sat there and cooked you know paint saw pretty much cooked on it but had nice Patina to it. You know And then I have some Danish friends that They bought a firebird From somebody and so long story short because they're in Denmark. This guy brought the fiber to my house to park here and then it's going to go over to Denmark right when the guy comes to bring the car he's like. Oh yeah this guy. This guy passed away. He had whole collection of cars and he starts showing me on his cell phone. He's like yeah. Check out. You know these cars one of them's a seventy charger. R T I think it was a four forty four speed plum crazy purple like restored but it was just kicked dust like the car had been sitting for five or ten years and this fiber was the same way in he. Had you know he wasn't like into any particular brand he had a bunch of cars but Yeah passed away. The wife's like just get rid of you know it never went to auction. This guy somehow got hooked up with her and was like. I'll help you sell these cars. And so they started selling these cars off and I'm not even sure where where they posted him. But my Danish friends bought the firebird. I think there's a lot of them out there. It goes a lot of guys out there like that. There definitely is.

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