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Outing Like government the government spying on people. And that's why he's in prison So he copies Lexus. Paley was Colonel Hayley up the D. O.. This episode and she interested in his third time. I really like this kid I really yeah while she was definitely the you know the hard nose by the book military leader In the early part of the season she she did her job. She would strict about it. She didn't take crap you know. We didn't like her before like she tried to use car. A super girls identity to control control. Her and she was she was a bad person but kind of seems that you know the influence of supergirl and Alica the people at the D. O.. has rubbed off on her. That she's and the fact that the government that she's worked for Especially in the last Kudzu she can really see the cracks Coming from the corruption in in the system and seems like she doesn't believe in blindly following orders anymore and that's that's always a problem I have. That's why I could never be announced very like if my dad I can't just orders. You have part of Democrat. I know that that's why I came to it. Like I have to think thing to independently on my own. Yeah So here we've got a number of people James's is dealing so couple other people in this episode. James is dealing with thumb His his trauma he goes to see a therapist to deal with his. PTSD since PTSD symptoms that he's having the episode Tracy. Here real quick my notes is this the episode where his this powers manifested they start. Can I gotta look and see if it's on my next one if he's okay so yeah in this episode is dealing he ns episode he's dealing with The symptoms what he believes seems to be PTSD symptoms Extra senses things like that and then later on in the episode so he has like a flare up. Any crushes a lamp yeah manifesting superpowers. He crushes crushes. Lamp is like Super Strength. He can see things from very far away. Powers remind me of a certain some well as we move onto the next episode you'll get even bigger clues as to what they might be In what's going on with James. You know he talks with his sister about it a little bit And then the only other the two people here as a brainy and dreamer. bring like this? Season's done right. The suit most part I mean as a whole like he has some As as a whole he has some moments he's hit or miss you know. Sometimes he's just there fork exposition purposes and to end to you Phil Nichol Tech Type Person. bell so he's since the beginning of the season then where complete analytical but Hens with with people With cars with Neha KNOL and with James they've all helped to shape him into you a little bit of a little bit more emotional not so logical and analytical so you know he's he's had a little bit of a journey it's just sometimes he's hit or miss but when he when he doing good he does he's get some good laughs and other times dislike mess meant to be funny but okay.

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