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Run out hello sue is the college football national champions the twenty five over the Clemson Tigers the coaches be bad midfielder Pat on the shoulder devils waiting to read Sheron can Bette and fireworks now inside the Superdome another national championship for Ellis you another one in New Orleans their fourth title in the eight people era and the Tigers final game is coming to Orleans at all for for the record the final eight people in nineteen fifty eight was prior to the bowl game so well if you are already been named national champion before they played indestructible which they did win as for Monday's championship you're the game here on ESPN radio Sean McDonough and Todd Blackledge other called gradually see Stu the LSU Tigers our colleague Trevor Bennett said earlier tonight an ESPN radio greatest season of his college football hard to argue that given what they did seven wins against top ten teams at job world perhaps the best season of quarterbacks overhead unbelievable and and just you know continue tonight four hundred sixty three yards five touchdowns as a team against the stingy assed defense in college football the number one past the feds they gain six hundred twenty eight yards he scored forty two points it has been an unstoppable office of machine all year and they continue to all the way through the college football playoff Joe Berlin thirty one for forty nine for four sixty three Clyde Edward G. layer rushed for a hundred and ten there are two receivers over a hundred yards should March eighth nine for two twenty one and two touchdowns.

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