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The mermaid mattress clearance centers in Ford over four or originally highway location. WTO we've got. Savage sons of garbage on the left have no shave watch. So ever we've got Levin. Imagine they've already got that creepy hands on our healthcare system. We've got it all on eleven fifty W G O W A M. Basketball basketball, the home of the ball. Newsradio W G O W Chattanooga. Station. Build the wall dead, but elected, I'm Mike Morris. President Trump says he is open to working with the incoming majority Democrats in the house on infrastructure, healthcare in most importantly immigration. I want them to come into the country, but they have to come in legally they have to come in to a process I wanted to be a process, and I want people to come in. And we need the people. You're you're wait. You know, why we need the people because we have hundreds of companies moving in we need people House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi says Democrats regained the house mostly because of their focus on healthcare delivered sounding verdict against congressional Republicans attacks, Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act and people with preexisting conditions and districts everywhere in America majority leader, Mitch McConnell says GOP voters were stirred devote, by the way, Democrats handled the Cavanaugh hearings in Nevada Dennis Hof who died before. The election. One NSMBC off who owned several brothels in Nevada, including the moonlite bunny ranch featured on the now cancelled HBO show cat house died. Suddenly last month in the middle of his campaign for the thirty six assembly district likening himself to President Trump. He paved the way he made it. Okay. For a reality TV star to be an office because he's done a great job. I'm going to do the same thing for the state of the battle after he died Republican party officials urged voters to vote for him. Because if he wins the seat will remain Republican commissioners from the three counties of the district will appoint a successor to Hoff. I'm Jim Roope. Democrat Jon tester who's represented Montana in the Senate for more than a decade today has been declared the winner over Republican Matt Rosen Dale disgraced former Texas Republican congressman Steve Stockman has been sentenced today to ten years in federal prison for conspiring to bilk at least seven hundred seventy five thousand dollars crew charities the Dow up three sixty two I'm Mike moss. Message and data rates may have. Apply. When did it become ok for men to be Lazier softer.

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