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It it happens in the inner action the response or the symptom of the transfers is usually a reaction rather than a response mm so which both of those deliver a very different outcome responses and reactions deliver very different outcomes muesli people react to deep emotional concerns and they respond to reasonable concerns right so does deep emotional concerns for some reason usually always connect the person's values and beliefs which almost always elicits reactions mmhmm and a illicit reactions there are quite dramatic this affect that affect on that in that moment creates the dopamine in you've heard me talk about dopamine that burns it to memory and results in the rehearsal of the reaction in the brain that plays out the blindness of fault and why those people when they go through that and they burst out you get those burst in those blasts in they can't ignites their own fought is because they're why do people say does make a children why angry don't don't don't make a decision while you're mad because that dopamine creates that dramatic reese wreak action it burnt the dopamine burns it to memory and then you start rehearsing or keep playing over as long as your aiming at don't means going you rehearsing so you can see fall back is not my fault period is your fault period now wants to domain comes now do you get to a place where now you can do response of reasoning now it's a response then you're not reactive reactive is the bad part of the you want to respond not react to my of all about 'cause the brave plays out there blindness a while it it becomes blind becomes you don't see it because i can turn your back to it here is is because of the dopamine is like you see a family member who has gotten hooked on drugs and they're doing things that you've never imagined right ever before because they're out of there they're not.

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