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Craig Gordon so quick I'll ask you first we make which we're seeing so far in terms of Joe Biden and how well he's doing the south yeah look I mean I will I will say I was a bit of a skeptic that whether Joe Biden could turn that very decisive win in South Carolina just on Saturday just a couple of days ago into big wins on super Tuesday we we know there's a lot of early voting it happens now and I wondered if a lot of Bernie Sanders supporter was kind of baked into the results are ready that is absolutely not the case then I Joe Biden decisive victory in Virginia the network called essentially as soon as the polls closed North Carolina we thought it would do well they ring state to South Carolina now we think it's just an Alabama Bernie Sanders of course picked up his home state of Vermont so you know three victories to two to one for Sanders obviously Texas in California looming out there is the big delegate prize of the night so we don't get ahead of ourselves but if your job but you have to be feeling very very good that those South Carolina results did give you a nice little tail wind heading into super Tuesday well there doesn't seem to be any surprise you know what I mean Craig I mean if you're if you're Biden's campaign and you wanted to projectionist after the results coming in for super Tuesday and early media reports that are coming out from the east coast and southern states there's no surprise there's no upset from Elizabeth Warner Michael Bloomberg that's true I Virginia was thought to be a little bit closer Michael Bloomberg was actually thought to be doing pretty well there you might imagine a suburban kind of college educated stay like that would be decent for for Bloomberg the fact that bind wanna so decisively I think was a good was a good showing for him but he had to do a bunch of states you got Oklahoma Tennessee Arkansas a a little bit of you know the states here and there so really we're going to find out if he could and turn the tide in Texas where bind it always run pretty strong but Sanders was still doing well this is more just told us among Hispanic voters there as well yeah can I wonder are you surprised at the size of Joe Biden's victories in particular in Virginia and Alabama for that matter as well as North Carolina the site on the south side is really quite large yeah I I couldn't agree more you know when I was talking with some sources earlier today David they mentioned this notion that Craig just alluded to which was suburban districts think back to two thousand and eighteen the whole crux of them a credit card it was that they were able to flip some of those districts in two thousand and eighteen that Republicans carried in twenty sixteen and they got the majority in the house of your Joe Biden your his campaign you're looking at northern Virginia you're going to be looking at suburban Houston in suburban Dallas to see those particular returns because that's going to be their argument tomorrow even if senator Sanders comes out and wins in Texas or winds and likely wins California they're going to be saying dig deeper and say these numbers here folks and look at the suburbs because of Biden carries them that's going to be there what they're going to argue Mr momentum coming out of super Tuesday he was funny creek we had Basil smoke on earlier today and he made exactly the same point with respect to California as Kevin just suggested even yeah Bernie Sanders really wins even wings well in California if he's losing the suburb of suburbs that should be an argument about electability for Bernie Sanders yeah I mean the you know it is we're talking about here those folks tend to vote again tend to be college educated ten I'm pretty good jobs make a few Bucks they they care about elections they care about their tax bills in their college education for their kids and things and so if Joe Biden can sort of cost some of those people away from Bernie Sanders that's very good news for him it looks Sanders has done well we talk about Latino voters in Texas you know he's running on essentially free government pay for health care well if you're you know if you're a casino worker in Nevada or you know you you have a sort of a a middle to low paying job in California that all sounds pretty good free health care free college education Bernie Sanders something pretty good candidate for you is biting though that has to try to get some of those others are more middle income people to try to come on to his side and he he's you know he had the electability argument he completely lost it when we also on those the Baystate is very soon to be a little out of sap in a and a little past his prime if he can get some of that energy back in that sense of the establishment wing of the Democratic Party unifies behind Joe Biden says he is the person to both stop Bernie Sanders and getting the nomination and B. Donald Trump boy that's a pretty good case for drop by to be the nominee of the Democratic Party the rule senator Sanders last cycle trying to get them changed to got it changed others rules might come back to bite us yeah I know you know with delegate math of makes my eyes glaze over same but you are you are shaping up you know with a pretty good chance you could have that contested convention you could have that brokered convention it's kind of a reporter's dream I mean what better than you know sort of suspense on the convention floor Milwaukee in July but that is not good news for the Democratic Party they would love to get behind somebody and send that person into battle against Donald Trump there's already comparisons being made to the Hillary Clinton race in twenty sixteen or Bernie Sanders I looked it up he did not he did not nominate her did not endorse her until July he drained her resources you drain your energy and then there was Donald Trump ready to kind of pick her off for the for the race for the white house Democrats are terrified of a repeat of that and that's why there are a lot of steps from Democrats open Joe Biden can wrap this up more quickly Democrats okay I think they have a clean fresh forgot all about that she was a rumor that wall you're hardly ever mentions it right sure right thanks to Kevin's really host of sound on and Bloomberg Washington bureau.

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