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Everyone redlining if you remember was the term where banks took hold neighborhoods and said people in these neighborhoods of poor. They're not going to be able to pay off their mortgages. Tell them you're salesman. Don't go into those areas and then Congress got involved as local elected officials as well and said Oh. That's not fair. These people should be able to get credit and once you started pushing in that direction. Bank started making more and more loans where the credit of the person buying. The house wasn't as good as you would like Bloomberg's presidential k. Let me stop and hold on by BUBBA. Sorry I cut it there so so that was the the audio from two thousand eight. This was less than a month. After everything crashed. That was the end of August. This was September and Michael Bloomberg was saying that the he he blaming the whole crisis of the crash on the end of red lining when they could no longer discriminate. Obviously You heard Me Brzezinski. Come in here. I can't read it with a straight face. She did this. She gives the Bloomberg campaigns. Excuse for the comment. Bloomberg's presidential campaign has refuted the context of the conversation claiming that he listened stead quotes saying that something bad. The financial crisis followed something. Good which is the fight against redlining that he was part of Kashmir the campaign said that Bloomberg was attacking predatory lending opposite world. God can you imagine if he's the nominee and we get to at least self-proclaimed billionaires? I know he is Donald Trump not so sure but to lie prodigiously. Go figure more and Michael Bloomberg coming up in a few minutes. But there's more news to get to yesterday. I know look. We all tuned out of C. Span once the impeachment trial ended but their stuff going on and perhaps yesterday would have been a good day to watch because the Senate Judiciary Committee had Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin in the hot seat. He was grilled by Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon about why the Treasury Department. This just happened in the last day or two. The Treasury Department gave Senate Republicans pretentiously damaging financial information related to Joe Biden on hunter immediately. When they ask for it but they've blocked democratic requests for trump's tax returns for oh. I don't know it seems like three years now. I want to start with what I think is a cleared double standard with respect to responding to requests on Congressional oversight. The request from the Democratic Chair with a firm legal basis yep was met with nothing but legal foot-dragging the request that came from the Republican chairs got VIP treatment. They got no response out the door in a flash so it looks to me like there's a double standard eight you all are tipping the scales of Congressional oversight. What am I missing Mister Secretary the house? Disclosure of tax returns is subject to protection twenty-six. Usc Sixty one zero three on the advice of counsel As we've documented we had significant concerns. That's very different than I believe what? You're referring to as SARS requests. Which on a bipartisan basis. We have responded to thousands of SARS requests to the committees from both Republicans and Democrats on an equal basis. So as we said Treasury does not process Greg Carey York Stonewalling Party about stonewalling there. S really not at all. You got to committee chairs. One gets no response with legal authority. That's the Democrat. The Republican gets a quick response. And that's how it works or doesn't work as case is but wait. There's more senator. Sherrod Brown is also on the Senate Judiciary Committee and he attempted Mnuchin to get Mnuchin to explain why the nomination of former US attorney Jesse Lou to a Treasury Department post was abruptly pulled on Tuesday just two days before she was scheduled to testify before the Senate got word last night. Jessie Liu whom we're going to do a hearing in banking for nomination she was I'm inexplicably and suddenly withdrawn by the nomination by the president. Last night well think under president was withdrawing in undersecretary of your department. I believe it was two days ago days ago. Can you tell me why are nomination was withdrawn? Of course not. I think you know. She's not a power at the president's direction and we don't comment when nomination as a matter of policy combinations are withdrawn which happened for a variety of different different administration. So you don't have any knowledge or knowledge of why she was withdrawn again. What I've said is is a is a matter not going to give you a second chance. Some secretary prior to position this. Maybe you don't I don't know was the US she was us. Attorney for the district issues involved in the cases of three of Mr Trump's convicted political district. Kids Mr Stone. Mr Flynn absent any plausible explanation for his withdrawal this nomination even though you claim. I hope you know you're more or less under oath. You claim to have known it for another stop on the president's personal retribution tour an attempt to ensure that she did not come before the Banking Committee tomorrow to ensure to TNT. Answer under oath questions about those prosecutorial decisions when Prosecutors Scaling Back Sentencing Recommendations of Mr. Flynn was senior. Doj official suddenly intervening yesterday to reverse in make more lenient. The sentencing recommendation of career. Prosecutors for them withdrew. One of them actually resigned. It tells us a lot of retribution is PR tour for the White House's personal retribution. Tour. The president's engaged in started with with the prayer breakfast of all places and then then the East Room and then as a tax and colonel mocking his accent. The unannounced the surprise unexplored unexplained withdrawal. Jessie Liu and I would hope you would give an explanation. Yeah that's that's the one that the counter the one that everyone assumes that is the president is she's part of the president's personal retribution tour so I'm hopeful that it even this hearing or later you will help us and tell us the real reason. Yeah right but don't hold your breath part of the president's personal retribution tour. Yup and so. What did Jessie Liu today? She said take this job and shove it she resigned. She said really your nominate me for this thing. Two days before my confirmation hearing you withdraw the nomination. I quit good for her following the four prosecutors who quit. It's a trend. I see a trend. In another sign of the growing financial crisis in print. Journalism mcclatchy filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy protection. In case you don't know mcclatchy. They own about thirty newspapers across the country including Miami Herald. This is a big deal. Mcclatchy as opposed to some of the other so called you know Newspaper companies a is actually a good journalistic endeavor. And so this is. This is disturbing. That's not good news. Hey there's an update on Jim Jordan situation. A former captain of the Ohio State University wrestling team told members of the Ohio House Civil Justice Committee that Congressman Jim Jordan was not only aware of allegations of sexual abuse that took place at the university in the nineteen eighties and nineties but that he begged others to cover up his involvement. The man the former captain who was speaking. There's audio out there. I don't have it. I didn't pull it because it was just long and I could have tightened it up a little bit. But he said Jordan cried on the phone with him begging him to basically have as back. Hey this is good news. The House gave the era temporary new lease on life by voting to remove a nineteen eighty two deadline for ratification by the states. The approval pushes the issue to the Republican controlled Senate where removing the deadline is unlikely to find support. But the Virginia General Assembly last month became the thirty eighth state to ratify the equal rights amendment. That's the threshold needed for a proposed amendment to be added to the constitution. So we should be there if we had a Democrat in the White House if we had a Democrat control of the Senate. Hey women fellow women we'd be equal in the eyes of the law. What a concept. What a concept K. One other thing before we get Howie Klein on the line. Because I know I bitch with how it seems every week about the media bias against Bernie Sanders. But it's really getting out of control. I played for you some of Chuck. Todd's nonsense yesterday. I won't burn with it again but I'm gonNA play for you one other thing. This is Jim Messina now the MSNBC has you know is well has been featuring not only Jim Sina no not Kenny. Loggins but David Plov the architects of Barack Obama's campaigns Who are both seem to be You know well I guess what what what. Obama turned out to be which is a centrist. Sorry not a progressive and so Jim Messina jumped on the Msnbc bandwagon of you know anybody but Bernie we know. Here's a few things we know. Bernie Sanders won the popular. Vote in Iowa. I mentioned this earlier in the program by six thousand votes and somehow in Iowa math that gave P. Buddha judge a point. One percentage point one tenth of a percentage point win over. Bernie Sanders that. That's that's creative now for you So you know. They're calling it a Buddha judge win although come on anybody else if it was if it was you know Joe Biden who got Bernie Sanders numbers. They wouldn't be calling it a Buddha judge win. Just saying and then Bernie wins in New Hampshire and despite what chuck towed says a win is a win. He said at the other day like they're gonNA say a win is a win. How do you know how how ridiculous of them to claim a win is a win? Because you know in this case it's Bernie Sanders so a win campy a win and then they get Jim Messina on the air. Who SAYS FORGET BERNIE? This was a stellar night for Amy Klobuchar. Because she came in third and actually the guy who wasn't even on the ballot at all Michael Bloomberg he was the real winner of the night. I couldn't make this stuff up. I try is a very big deal. That turnout is higher than two thousand eight. That shows you a base and a party that has united very excited and the second number of that. I think people need to watch you. Know over fifty. Five percent of voters voted for a moderate candidate. They said the most important issues. Who can beat Donald Trump and that? L- you're looking at the big number. The big winner last night could be mayor Bloomberg because he gets ready for battleship Bloomberg in this unbelievable spending. That's about to come our way. He's sitting back here ready to make a case that he's the best candidate so we are in early days And it's going to be very interesting. Moving forward unbelievable but it's totally believable. If you watch. Msnbc that's what you get. By and large there are few honest brokers on that channel. I think Chris Hayes is one I actually think Katie Tours one. I used to think Allie vel. She was one but boy. Did I get into a twitter fight with him this past weekend because his show was all go? Go Pete. Go go anyone but Bernie. It's really it's journalistic. Malpractice is what it is. So allie vel. She is not on my respected journalists. Lists anymore not even close. And that's a shame. I used to like him but there was one other thing I wanted to tell you about before we get Howie Klein on the line and I can't think of what it is so well. I'm it'll come to me when you always here so I'll tell you what. Let's not wait any longer. Let's go ahead and start mixing up those dirty. Debbie's are you.

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