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Tried to they had something hit. They made some money. And i think they've tried to expand too fast. Right right now you go see a bunch of tobacco outlets and liquor stores opened up in those buildings and five years right. I mean i'm being really think that's what's gonna happen man because they've tried to. They tried to be chick-fil-a. Tried out. chick-fil-a chick-fil-a going 'cause chick-fil-a is not about food. It's about the whole it's about the whole you're going to go if you go to battle with chick-fil-a you're going to put you going to have to put ten more people ownership then you need exactly and pay them two dollars more than you gotten and not just as not. Everybody needs to be wrestler. Not everybody. i'll be working in fast food. It's not for everybody. I couldn't do. I couldn't do it. It's the pace of that in having to deal with people and i could not work in a certain aspects of it. I'm sure you listen. I'm sure i can sit back here and drop french miro but i could not work in a fast food restaurant. That's there's those are skilled people. Don't don't don't think for a minute that those people were do that or not ski right. It takes some. I would pay money to see you. Work the chick-fil-a window her day. I couldn't do it my my pleasure. My pleasure ma. We'd be so big you'd have to lean down to everybody terrible. I'm not made for stuff like that. My pleasure monthly g drinking there. This is Cheery law made No this is actually watermelon Like vitamin flavor. You like it. This bottle goes to the harry. Billy hanging out the bottom. Your t-shirt georgia teacher. He have those in your size. I take it. I'm sitting at a weird angle mark. Because that would that is what..

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