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I don't know like I- oddly really empathize with that even though she's Really. Cool. You mentioned robbery, but I. Phil Yeah. So the very ending scene. She and her dad and her brother. Stand against their wall for when the. Bomb Hits and they stand in different poses every day. So like what messages do we want to send to the people after this loop ends? What are they gonNA find us. And they WANNA. Make funny shapes so that like. When they get burned their it sort of leaves a shadow on the wall of kind of the outline of who they are and they're like ooh. I WANNA make it look like this and they sort of moving around. That's actually referenced to Ray Bradbury Story from like the early fifties. Called, there will come soft rains. and. It's it's a post apocalyptic story when they were all freaking out about the invention of the atomic bomb of I'm. After basically it's a scene a very eerie scene after bomb has gone off and you sort of this very mechanical house go about its day even though the owners aren't there. So like cooks breakfast cleaning, it makes tea in waters, the plants in whatever I'm reciting this poem. No there? At the very end of the story, you see the sort of shadows on the wall of where the owners used to be. So they basically burned. Alive in this sort of shadow. is what's left and so I feel like he's sort of. Playing with. that. Pretty well, known story I would say. It's taught in a lot of like short-story classes Who are people once the situation and the fact that they're do making the shadows on purpose to have fun you know. It's not like they were unsuspecting of it. Right? They're doing it to like be cute. Family outing they're like Ooh, what are we GONNA do today we're going to be animals do yoga poses. I had was very clever and I it's not like. It's pretty obvious reference, but if he never means it specifically. Yeah. So we only hit on like our. Top even call them top stories just the ones we were like most excited to talk about. A podcasting because we have also descended like question lightweight What is? In the not that green podcast content as sitting in thinking. So Yeah. There's a lot lights bitter super fascinating about. Can Violence Line in the spider SAIGA. Folks Hail Woven with a modern day story. against someone working. Kind of. Retail. Job But for hardware. Company. Harbor. Story. The hospital aware get super I'm a writer right about being a writer but it a really cool way. Lark street talks about abortion. Very. I've just keep saying interesting over ever and I can't think of a better attitude having because he is very original yet every all of his sort of. The way he approaches every single subject is like very clever something team before. Yeah. Like a pro at. He's a pro just thinking mashing if Xyz happened and then he just goes for totally. Incredible. In one of the interviews I read all Lincoln in the notes the heated with the Guardian. He said he had like. Eighty stories. One hundred something like that news like, yeah. But like seventy more, that's one of the not in this bug. That common thing you hear from writers, which is so truly you need a ride a lot before you get the best ones but. They're all salad. Often say of collections of there's. Not a single one that could be discarded in the bookstore standalone. The, knowing glance there are there are some the Aren't my favorite Shomron maybe but. They're all. Hit for those who this what would you recommend next? Yeah. I've got a couple. son by Lois lowry..

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