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One finds the following description of wooden. And here is that description. But the natural reason is that she is more carnal than a man as is clear from her many karnal abominations. And it should be noted that there was a defect in the formation of the first woman since she was formed from bent rib that is a rebuttal breast, which is bent as if it were in a contrary direction to a man. And since through this defect, she isn't imperfect animal. She always deceives. Wow, yes. So see how this text has been used in ways that aren't described by the texts how they got that out of the text is pretty amazing, right? So she goes on to say that this type of misguided interpretation that unabashedly demonize women has been responsible for the presentation and murder of countless women who were considered to be, which is however less overt, but no less harmful is the ancient stereotypes that continue to this day to haunt women and mar. The relationship between women and men, women are in faithful women are not to be trusted. Women are the pinnacle of all it is evil. Corrupt irrational week. And how did you get any of that from what we just read from the book of Genesis? That's the crazy thing. Did you get any of that? It's a sort of charming picture of Adam, naming all the all the animals, and then God trying to find a proper partner for Adam. And now suddenly women are evil. They're unfaithful their sept- of. She says this very dark interpretive trajectory of Genesis two eighteen through twenty four should not prevent us though from finding ways to redeem this text in order to claim a word that is life giving in nature. For instance, one should note that this text offers.

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