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Heart radio at welcome to wheel animal Saturday you weekly for you to do the world a Florida fishing now here to chart today's course your host captain Mike Anderson not so much captain Michael Anderson is out watching his daughter play some basketball hopefully somebody collegiate we'll see her style and like it we think cattle been Marshall in studio with captain Jim Fogel this morning if you have any safe boating questions or tips we got a couple of good callers here let's go first to lease a fitz Gerald how are you this morning well good morning how are you I just checked yesterday at my home computer which I don't turn on much but it was pouring down rain outside so I've decided checks on my home emails and I saw a confirmation that was entered into the star tournament because I did not want to get out there playing around and catch a tag red fish and I wasn't in the starter well I can tell you we are down in Boca Grande and out on the beaches fishing for carp then you know yesterday very far I got mine yesterday Lowe got his he was able to answer it and the star competition gosh you guys if you are not registered there are so many species people don't realize we have some people about next to us lo and behold it happens to be my ex nanny remember Mike eight from one Mike used a carpenter correct he was on the bed next to us they hooked up in the same school that we were and afterwards we were talking about star and it wound up that that you know we now that there was a knock convention trout division read Spanish rule all the different divisions that you have opportunities to women and there's a lot of prices out there that have not been claimed well you know that an attack broadcast division we did have a winner two weeks ago and that guy one a brand new pickup truck register for the competition ready to go smart guy potted out of a kayak there in on the sports coach about Pasco county and did that an amazing job following all the rules and regulations we still have a contender pathfinder Carolina skips redfish are relentless aluminum black let me just tell you there's so many pride of the half a million dollars in prizes available just for being registered and yeah entering fish in the competition Lisa Arthur also prizes for like if you catch last year's red fish or year before any tagged redfish right there some price yes Sir if you are registered in the competition and your patch a pack rat this from last year or a previous year you can win a thousand dollar prize package from angle cool cool nice let me just tell you what you know there are so many ways to win what other competition have a half a million dollars in prize you can go fishing anytime you want during the summer up until Labor Day Memorial Day to Labor Day one hundred and one day the fishing at less than a dollar a day if you had gotten into the competition at the beginning of the of the of the tournament then you can just Google CCAC CA Florida and that's what I did in signed up for Starz W. W. W. dot C. C. A. that tat tat apple Florida F. L. S. T. A. R. dot com let and wonder other price that is and division that I love two of them is the year scholarship division the year scholarship division which is a hundred thousand dollars in college scholarships well.

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