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Thanks very much question and thanks for phony getting into. It's very nice to hear the firefighters and again. It's lovely. I despise he got the idea from Al son using having once had a monory. I would plus together lock he's talking about. They probably very, very long way apart I don't remember the figure we talked about a couple of weeks ago. But it was. It was a widely separated binary system which we know things that do exist in the in a part of the galaxy. Okay thanks, Barry Love the question and thanks to everyone who contributed to this week's episode. Really do appreciate it, and of course, if you do want to ask questions were more than willing to accept them The truth is we don't get to all of them these dyes because we get so many. So we Kinda hand pick them and. that's just the way it has to be. So no disrespect we just We just can't get to the mole. Absolutely. That's why we dedicate. shows to or questions to do a bit of a catch up on many that we do get but we do appreciate it and you can certainly record your question Var at websites space nuts, podcast, dot com click on the TAB. If you've got a device the microphone, it's really that simple just press record and a wii ago who I you way of from what you question and it will be recorded and we can do what we did today in and put it on the podcast love to hear all the all the different voices from all over the world. And that brings us to the end of another episode Fred Thank you again. Anytime. You. Can probably put that. Maria. Okay. Sounds Great. Thank you. That's professor, Fred Watson Astronomer Lodge proud of the team he on the space, and that's podcast for me. Andrew Dunkley, thanks again for listening catch you on the very next episode. He's Available at apple podcast Google podcasts spotify. Your favorite podcast. You can also stream on demand God stuff. This is paying now the quality podcast production from thoughts dot com..

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