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Was taken. If you want even more of our attention love. And i can't imagine that you would say no to that. We also have paycheck on its page. Dot com slash km h podcast. It will make your life so much better. Butter makes everything tastes better. This is the podcast equivalent of putting butter on your ears. It's wonderful all right. Well i'm out of time. Thank you so much for listening. We love you. Thank you for checking out. This awesome awesome program. We hope you find some new shows that you love and subscribe to brad out. Oh oh man. I just hearing something so beautiful. It surely gets to eat and i just i would hate to be the podcast that is to follow bad because that was it was it was like poetry report from the mouth of angels. I don't words fail me. Words just fail me a i'm gonna. I'm i'm going to have to take a breather for our next submission which comes from. The podcast was the longest name in the world teacher in a crime scene tech. Walk into a bar. It hosted by ashley into until they are a teacher in a crime scene tech which i know is shocking based on the title of the podcast. Actually our teacher crime scene tech and they're just about as adorable as it comes in the true crime. John nra and they have the coolest game ever for a true crime. Podcast including my own. They have a wheel of murder. Okay imagine wheel of fortune. But it's murder. I know that it's difficult. Jump to make mentally but they pick their topics at random. They let fate decide what they're going to talk about on the next episode in it's wonderful they've been kind enough to let me appear on their show. I believe the episode was entitled which doctors drunk rocks and jer. Vina's so i hope that gives you a little insight into what to expect from these fine ladies. So let's get into a teacher and a crime scene tech. Walk into a bar submission to the show Hi i'm ashley. I'm a teacher in georgia and i'm and i'm studying to be a crime scene tech and colorado and we're the teacher in a crime scene tech walk into a bar. Hello.

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