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L. Rafah so if you two eight five eight six seven three seventy five seventy four to qualify for a complimentary consultation eight five eight six seven three seventy five seventy four or W. L. rock associates dot com Hey listen Saturday twelve noon for heroes talk radio on FM ninety six point one AM eleven seventy the answer sponsored by W. R. Rafah so at Manhattan bagel we ask ourselves what could be better. oil New York style baseball the only thing better than our vet is the feeling you get when you bring enough for the whole law. Asians and catering information visit us at Manhattan bagel dot com national competition for your business is eating away at your customer base faster than you can keep up it's as if they have a backroom occasional marketing minions swallowing your customers one by one and it's not a pretty sight. if you could beat them with your own minions you need Salem surround a full service digital agency with all your digital marketing under one roof when a potential customer searches for your product did they find your business or the competition is your contact information accurate and everywhere it should be to reach today's digital consumer does your website have all the right tools to turn visitors in the leaves we've got some solutions contact Salem's around for a free evaluation of your digital presence and to help get your message in front of today's digital audience will help deliver customers like putting your business message in the right place at the right time don't just invest in a marketing strategy you need to surround your target audience learn more it's around San Diego dot com surround Sandiego dot com connecting.

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