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Not a year slash most surprising all seasons but I can remember anyway and then going back to write my first column what a great reminder of all the various nuances of the off season but also a reminder that it just never stopped I we have a really hard time deciphering when last season ended and when the season began because the preparations for two thousand nineteen were well under way long before the patriots earned their sixth Super Bowl championship and so I did you share that column on Twitter and Facebook so you can find it a all radio and also on our Facebook page and I'm excited to ride again it's it's a labor of love it does not come easy let me just tell you it's not like talking writing to me often turns into a wrestling match the more I worry about writer's block the worse it gets but I do love writing it's a good challenge and this was the first of twenty four weeks in a row with football column for CBS sports radio dot com and so I hope that you will read it I know that you always tell me support me in that's awesome and I love the reaction so check it out on either Twitter or Facebook up but don't you worry we've got plenty of football that we'll get to even if you can't read the column right now it sparked some good questions for the season and also as I said Sir does a crash course to get ready for what's to come in just over a week we are just over a week away from the start of the two thousand nineteen and a full season with games thick it's after hours with Amy Moritz on CBS sports radio inside the rocket mortgage by quicken loans studio rocket mortgage is with you every step of the way to provide a seamless mortgage experience we will get to football to varying degrees in this hour and the next few hours and we actually need something from you I have a couple of requests but one I need you to fulfill tonight and tomorrow night I'll explain coming up in fifteen minutes and then you're getting their phone number eight five five two one two four two two seven but they buy five two one two four CBS also a couple of questions about things that happened outside the world of sports on Wednesday but I just don't understand this is where the guys come in they are far cooler than me and they often serve as my pop culture interpreters although this is pop culture I'm good being on the fringes let me just tell yeah but generally it's the weirdest stuff that goes viral on the internet and though I I I need some explanations so that I can try to understand what is happening on the internet what is happening on social media in the last twenty four hours so we'll get to that Major League Baseball this race for best record couldn't be any tighter the Yankees finish up their sweep of the Seattle Mariners on Wednesday Erin judge has another home run so it's good for the Yankees that he is getting into a group because he did go through a mini flop but now it's starting to hammer the ball again for the Yankees sweep the mariners the Dodgers go into extra innings another blown save can we Jantzen though very often it's going to be opportunities by the offense that can allow him to squirm out of the sticky situations it's kind of an odd way that their game unfolded in the tenth inning so not only does Kenley Jansen get the blown save he also end up being the picture of a record and so in the tenth inning the Dodgers were putting pressure on the Padres and they do in a variety of ways not only do they do it with our line up the fact that they got guys up and down that line up that will take pages that will challenge pages that our patient I will work the count and one of those is ki K. Hernandez so with two outs in the top of the tenth inning he gets a walk and then he feels second which put them in scoring position but it still took a little bit of drama on the part of the Padres to help them along and we've got.

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