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Well, if you're talking about the region, there's Arabian a turn back towards of authoritarianism since jails, thirteen. In Saudi Arabia, you have to look at the personality of crown prince. Mohammad bin Salman here is a thirty three year old prince who has amassed an a degree of power that is unprecedented in more than half a century in Saudi Arabia. It's a system where power was distributed among different branches of the Royal family in part in the interest ability. He's changed all that in a big rush and really brought it all into his own hands and having done that. He's made a number of previous steps which have shocked the west and even alarm the west. I'm talking about detaining two hundred of the kingdom's richest businessmen and even members of his own family. And the Ritz Carlton hotel without any judicial process leading the three year old war in Yemen, that many in the west call like humanitarian catastrophe and for for a few. As appearing to kidnap, the prime minister of Lebanon and detain him against his will. So those are three things that you would think would have lost him the confidence of the west. And yet until now he's appear to be in good standing. He had a tour of the us. He met with many prominent executives. He's welcome to the White House. So perhaps I don't know what's going through his head. Perhaps he feels that nothing can stop him that he can get away with it. Okay. So we have. We had other hand, he feels that all of the criticism is sticking him and he needs to silence Mr. kashogi for that reason, we have thirty seconds left. Might this change the perception because everybody was looking there were even columnists in the United States writing about a new Saudi Arabia reform Saudi Arabia. He's got his twenty twenty reform plan that all sorts of internationals were engaged with. Could this flip that switch. You know, it's very hard to know whether it will the argument that he was making for reform of the Saudi economy, I think, remains a valid one. And so it's too soon. I think to tell what the final conclusion of international public opinion will be about what happened to Jamaica show. All right. And also what it'll mean for perceptions of Mohammed bin Salman it's a really dramatic story, not least because it involves out colleague and friend, and we still want to know the truth about what happened to him. David Kirkpatrick. Thank you so much indeed for joining us from Ankara in Turkey. So we're gonna switch tone a little bit. Nonetheless, freedom of speech has long, been a topic of debate even within the world of comedy for that time. Few faced more controversy over this then British comedians Monty, python, Eric idle was a founding python. He has been clapping his coconuts for five decades reminding us to always look on the bright side of life in his new sorta biography. Eric, finds his voice. In the sixties cultural revolution and recounts the famous faces and the knights of me that he met along the way. Eric idle took our Hari Sreenivasan on a laugh down memory lane. You've decided on a memoir. Why? Well, our fiftieth anniversary Monty python is coming up next year, and I thought we're going to have to answer questions..

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