Murphy, Washington, Winnipeg Jets discussed on Bloomberg Radio


Upon players right and so it isn't much i want to be able to and react even if he can has not that added job and it was winnipeg his rivalries you're murphy's right man you know is better job with it frankly wanted as of monday is it is a part of that messaging in itself writers of me stuff we should just the i want to slam is either they won the high irving with of washington's with stuff is cody torey krug me and i really think the league was going to be uncomfortable in one of the insisted that they won't and so i suggested we do yes lots of the and they wanted with the two i could see right to the wanted to give message to the players themselves and what happens consideration that is an inanimate players pointed it's a little bit it's not the winnipeg jets the league is down john really gonna going but we want to do the job myself in honor that and it certainly no shortage for monetization into you believe that mcisaac labrum and he's a business on to him selfies a media company to celtic ten seconds and second to say yes it is players.

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