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Here's Dan Schwartzman. Thanks bag halfway through the third quarter, down in Tampa Super Bowl 55. The Buccaneers leading the Kansas City Chiefs 28 to 9 Tom Brady so far. 19 of 2380 yards passing three touchdowns. Ash Mahomes only 11 of 22. 75 yards. Brady looking for a seven Super Bowl ring while Patrick Mahomes is we're gonna leave the chief's their second straight Super Bowl win the first round of the Australian Open getting underway in Melvin. But men's topsy Novak Djokovic scheduled to take the court on Monday, with women's number one seed Ashleigh Barty, playing her first match on Tuesday, Number two seed in 2000 and nine winner Raffin Adele, who is scheduled to play Tuesday. Still feeling effects of a back injury that sidelined 20 time Grand Slam winner from last week's a teepee cop Manchester City now since five points, clearing the tops father really table after afford one win over Liverpool at Anfield, as ill Chi gon do on scores embrace red stained fourth place they have 6 10 points behind city. Also, the Premier League Leicester city place will ramped into a scoreless draw. Tottenham shuts out West Brown to nil While Chelsea down Sheffield United 2 to 1, the New York Knicks trading guard Dennis Smith Jr and a 2000 and 21 2nd round draft pick to the Detroit Pistons for guard Derrick Rose, The 32 year old former league M V P spent the 16 4017 season with the Knicks did not fit into Phil Jackson Triangle offense the time I'm Dan Sportsmen that your Bloomberg World Sports update Markets headlines and breaking NEWS 24 hours a day at Bloomberg, calm the Bloomberg Business APP on Bloomberg. Quick Take. This is a Bloomberg business plan. We had a record setting.

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