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I like dresses and doesn't questions with their like work email and like work email address and those are great. It's also like every Marvel letters column ever where people are just like, hey come visit me the prophecy. Oh my gosh, huh. He didn't do that. Nowadays. Stephen T album speaking weirdly, cuz I'm I mean, we know that these one we know this one is Steven wage. Where you walk right now, huh? What way are you walking would say? Oh my God. All right Steven, the naysayer Peter the Colossal chick man. CJ the back-up generator Kirk the reflector with Aaron overwhelm been the Laughing night. Johannes tiny vampire. Kyle the blue flamingo your partner. Oop. Sorry York. I was just I was real life focused on getting his last name, correct? Yeah his mess up a cut that up your son of Son of God, Eric Silver cerebellum, Austin fever baby. Justin Kos Braylon. Grave Ian, Nate long distance Marie Holy Diver Jose the DM Kyle s. Our Hellion Dave the Irishman Rick Madame Butterfly. Dan doctor general alick's home. Only fortune and Ewan sequence Joan. Can I just say how cool it is that we have that many names totally off at our $10 cheer for the my marvelous years shared Universe characters. Thank you all dead. So much that is extremely generous and it makes doing the my marbles here podcast worth it because you know, honestly like that level of encouragement and support goes a long way to what is a lot episodes. Again. We're approaching episode hundred here and if we put in a lot into making this happen, so thank you all for supporting that speaking of which we're at like six seventy on patreon. We hit seven hundred bucks with only like $30 a way. We're going to read and do a special episode about trouble by Mark Millar. That's right. This was Zach's idea courtesy of Matt Draper another guess we got coming up here in the my moral this year future. May I can all of Marvel? What's that the sexiest comic and all of Marvel? Yeah, we finally so, you know, it's it's regarded as a danger to society and it's a moral, should have happened and it also allows it allows act to really dig into his anime fetish. So if you guys want to hear us talk about that on a patreon exclusive you can go and if you support us slash wage, My marvelous year you will get access to that. We announce this and we immediately got people backing us. Yeah, I'm afraid this crime upon us. So, you know, it's kind of It kind of like, I don't know what it is. It's I've read you these MO is Alex call. I read it as like as a teenager right like as it was coming out..

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