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I have some other people I want to talk to so that's why I continue being somewhat of an alias naysayer on whether we're going to have Alex Cora to with the Red Sox. Yeah, and I think I would agree Sean it but I think if bloom had a here's my guy clear-cut front-runner favorite that he really really wanted and let's say it was the Tampa bench coach and he was able to arrest him free from Raise then you can then I could see it. Not that not not that I disagree with the notion that he doesn't want a fresh start. But if it's not a slam-dunk gotta have this guy cuz he's my guy guy off the pressure from both ownership and players could be enough for it seems that core. It could be the guy who slides in I know Vasquez recently was what what we don't know is does hien Bloomberg have that guy in my maybe it is Louise orietta. Yeah, because he has interviewed him twice now for the same opening that would seem to signal that he really likes him. Even if last January home kind of a dry run. Well, it's too close to Spring training to bring somebody new in from outside the organization, but let me just get a measure of this guy might be heard off and now that he's got a second chance to fill this position and he doesn't have the crunch of spring training being two weeks away. Maybe orietta is the guy that he's like all along. I'm not saying That's the case but possibly Advocate and saying maybe one of these handful of guys has come in and blown highbloom away and he has a favorite that he's near ready to recommend. We don't know where the process stands. Okay. So as you said things will they'll be a lot more clarity in the next week to ten days for sure on the Alex Cora situation. So we should we should have a better idea then want to move on to free agency here. I want to tell everybody at home again about our another sponsor of our exclusive wagering.

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