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Is rarely the most important thing. And i don't think it's the most important thing here. The application of it is but now they they might be sitting in one of those going. Oh okay yeah. If i'm in the locker room my partner just had a boo boo and he he coughed it up. And what can i do to help him. Why get out. How can i read. How can i help him. Rebound because when he rebounds it helps the team rebound just gets. You're probably thinking about your teammates. More than just thinking about yourself. I would just think about the glare. That matt green would give. And i just don't wanna get that you know those those is looking at me like Nope not gonna not gonna make that mistake again. that'd be problematic. We have a little bit of time here. let let's do a quick around the league with a couple of topics First things first outdoor games this weekend lake tahoe. We talked about it going into the weekend. A little bit With the inspiration for the weekend didn't go according to plan for the national hockey league but sometimes through mistakes you stumble upon genius and i. I wonder if the nhl would be willing to try this again now. Knowing that you can't do an outdoor game in the middle of the day with bright sunshine sixty six hundred feet above sea level What was your reaction to the weekend. And then i want to pick your brain about like other outdoor venues. I think everything was fine. I think they they knew in the back of their mind. The possibility this is me. And you know what for years and years and years and years and years and years the nhl has been criticized for being conservative. They went for the homerun. Okay went for that prime time son out but not hot enough to melt the ice but then you get the blue sky and you get the mountains you get the trees you go for the whole run and they found it off a little bit but they went for. I like that now. They'll learn now. Next time they go for the homerun. Maybe not made adjustments of starting times. And maybe you know. The lighting at night being able to put lights on both sides of the rink as opposed to just one side. Because you know one is backed up to a lake. And you can't really. You know all those types of things. But i have no problem. Go for the home run. Go for it. And.

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