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She's a while you were able to hear Ryan day live and some of these player interviews doing a typical fantastic work should point out, by the way. I know this is a best Buckeye coverage post game show, but the blue jackets right now up two games on Tampa Bay the story. The NHL Tampa Bay team that won sixty two games. And the key to Kucher off who is there. Led the NHL in points this year one of their strong weapons ain't gonna play in game three. He got suspended. If you saw the game kinda cheap hit on Marcus nude of our late in the game. Started a fight the NHL suspended him one game. Just looking on Twitter. A lot of people are saying it should have been more. But he is out tomorrow night. So the jackets up two games. Eric kucherov the line kucherov is he's not a repeat offender. Tom wilson. Tom Wilson who did that hit? Yeah. You probably just throw them in a pet. But for the one game is fair for that situation. Really chippy game last night. But this blue jackets team in the past five periods have played as good or not better than they've played all season. Incredible. That's a ten million dollar about. Exactly, right. We've were about playoff. Bobby never allowed. No fewer than three goals in a game last night only gave up one and really after the first period. He was outstanding in the second and third period. Period. Game. One was the best I've ever seen him play out. Stan. And it's definitely something to wear the the conversations going to be unhappier based off of just these first two games at the end of the series. However, it goes. Time to peak. Absolutely. Is they want to get into the playoffs? And maybe they have found the right time to peak just like the buckeyes last year at the end of the year struggle. I mean, you say struggle they only lost one game, but they hit their stride. At the end the air Bill. I gotta ask you. I you played at Ohio State under Woody coach with Earl and coop and trust and everything drew Christmas today during the spring game at halftime, obviously at is marriage proposal ready and Ryan day said, yeah, I was aware of what was going to happen. Ended up being pretty cool. If you go onto Woody Hayes said Woody halftime spring game. I wanted proposed by girlfriend with that have gone over very well. Well, what he would look at very simply and said, well, that's fine. And you get married to the game because you're not blaming. Free time all the coaches, I play for work with an Earl would have just been mad of in Kupa. Was it Billy? They do out there. Tryst would just stared him. So it's a little different thing in today's world. But hey, he had to play the game. Yeah. I like this comment that we have on Twitter before we're going hear from drew Crispin, but I have to fake gra-, Greg Madison. The new defensive coordinator on Twitter says Matt McCoy, did you see how we eliminated all those big place. Well except for that ninety eight yarder. Michigan asked. That was the third team defense there. He didn't get as gold. Didn't get gold pants on Friday everybody else. That's right gone. That was my defense. You put sixty two points on they gave out the goal pants in big ten radio. You know, they lost in store today as a big recruiting day. It was a lottery crude sin and to see those guys get their Rose Bowl. Big ten championship rings kind of impressive. I mean, even though I mean, I would say sixty one thousand for spring game with nice weather is a little bit to be honest with disappointing. I hate to say that because we're used to hundred thousand for whatever reason, however, as I said you can count on one hand the number schools are going to have sixty one thousand people out of spring game. Bill does that make an impression on kids when they come in for a glorified practice and see that kind of support? Absolutely. I mean to see that type of crowd, and I'm Chris Carter Chris for Middletown. Now, we're state and Chris dropped the first pass. That was thrown to Earl was tell the story and they came right back through the same pass. They caught it the next time said all kinds, of course. So Earl asking me say, Chris, why did you drop that ball? He said coach there's more people here in the whole city Middletown. That's that's like the play in that stadium is to bring your a game. Didn't Tom to drop his first punt to I snap as punter because Earl Earl again God or coming up year where we won't since we lost him. But he would also tell the story about how he was really looking forward to seeing to Papun because he'd been killing the ball. And he's one of the best punters is days ever ad and he's like looking in the air for the ball. Like, where's the ball of many looks back office nap? Yes. Hopefully, none of that will happen in the fall for some of these guys stories on to Glen Mason, punting Cote house long, snapper. Coach Glenn was the punting coat and Tom his first punt in practice about eighty yards or someone unbelievable. And so may start to say something to him about his techniques. Mason don't you ever say that kit. Exactly. Well, if he stopped talking to him because the rest of his career was Dr. Pretty darn good. Speaking of punters, drew Christmas with maybe the play of the day with that marriage that we just talked about he was asked about it. Obviously. After the game. Here's drew Crispin talking with reporters. Perfect. Did she do? She didn't feel everybody else knew. Kind of locked away. Spread quick as soon.

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