Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Walgreens discussed on Sean Hannity


That's right the early months later dealerships going to become a hospital the developing come a developing company called coal bald wants to buy the property on a deal with Menomonee falls and they will turn around and lease back the new building once it's billed to ascension which is the big health care company that operates a number of hospitals in southeastern Wisconsin including the big Columbia St Mary's hospital company a hospital on the east side of Milwaukee and so on anyway I said she is looking for a foot print of anomaly falls we have several major hospital companies and all of them want to be is a term the use that health cannot charades geographically covered or whatever you always want to have it's like you know Walgreens and CVS you'd ever want to have a neighborhood where you don't have to have where you don't have one of your stores this store is occurring at the same time we just had this controversy over the woman who died after waiting hours at the emergency room at freighter this is a story here healthcare is profitable but not all parts of health care I'm urgency rooms are money losers setting up a mini hospital in the suburbs like but nobody falls that's a buddy winner why hospitals make their money when someone who has private insurance goes to the hospital hospitals tend to lose body when someone.

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