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Apple podcast, Google play. Spotify tune-in, Stitcher among others or wherever you get your slobber knocker audio. And we certainly appreciate those five star ratings. Good show today. Today's guests world strongest man Mark Henry world champion on three different sports WWE hall of Famer when in last year, he's a huge part of the success of the great busted open radio show and Sirius XM channel ninety three. And one of my earliest signees, I saw oh told us Tele story about how saw Mark Ihnen. Certainly in. And then I showed a tape of it too and mystic, man. And he was absolutely amazed. At Mark's Gylfi in for a guy would about four hundred pounds at that time. So we'll talk to Mark today. And Mark is also to work back with WWE behind the scenes, we'll find out more about that. I'll find out about how he likes his radio gig on Sirius XM does a great job there. David Greco as does bully Ray. It's almost a destination me every day because I get information. I hear other people's thoughts. Things that nature great show. So Sirius XM channel ninety three Monday through Friday for busted open. And we'll talk to Mark about also appears here are making that'll be in Monrovia Pennsylvania the weekend after wrestlemainia at the steel city comic con will both be there to have to be both book there for three days stint. And we'll talk about that. Also. So a good show. Talk about on as far as what other companies are doing other events that have just passed a lot of big news. We'll get to that right away. Because here's what's on my mind this week. I had a couple of really cool conversations with Conrad Thompson. And we have an idea for a podcast program that we are refining talking about. So it looks like somewhere down the road. There is a very good chance that Conrad and I'll be doing some podcasting together. And I'm very excited about that. And if so it more than likely will take the place of this format, but certainly will be something that we think will be even better and more informative in more entertaining. So stay tuned for that descended discussion, say stages Oprah having jinxed it, I don't think I will. But there could be really exciting for us on the on the podcast front turned into Monday night, raw I the raw. All show was all about Roman reigns. His return to find out that his leukemia is in remission was God sent and really worked as far as viewers are concerned because it was the highest watch raw since October of two thousand eighteen a two point nine million viewers. So I am very very proud of the fact that Roman bought he had the faith to overcome leukemia. I thought one of coolest moments. There was his Oni was introduced he came around the ringside, friends and family were there, and the the hug that is mother that roams mother gave him was brought tears to is. It was very very amazing. The feel the bomb mom or son and seeing that her son has overcome leukemia. Again, was was amazing to me. So as good show, you know. The substantial role in that regard. But the Roman reigns. Business over shattered anything into ring wrestling in the interview, he pro promos, whatever it was a highlighter all without doubt. And that's taking a lot into consideration considering that David Teesta made a very surprising unannounced return, he disrupted the Rick flair seventieth birthday celebration..

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