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This could happen to a firefighter it certainly could happen to citizens fire has now grown to, over three hundred. Forty nine thousand acres but the ranch fire about half of the Mendocino complex fire, is up to fifty nine percent, contained the fire season has already been, a hard one for firefighters working dozens of fires especially in California the car fire has been the deadliest three Firefighters have died in that blaze, near reading in. Addition five civilians were killed in that blaze A new defense spending Bill is now. Law President Trump signed it yesterday at the US army's fort drum post in upstate New York the John s McCain national defense authorization act, has received widespread bipartisan support for its plans to counter Chinese aggression. And support US military servicemen and women against the backdrop of an Apache helicopter and. Artillery Mr. Trump told the, crowd of a few hundred men and women that America is respected again with this new authorization we will, increase the size and strength, of our military by adding thousands of, new recruits to active duty reserve a national guard units including four thousand new active, duty soldiers the NDA. An annual policy Bill seeks to counter a range of Chinese government policies including increased military. Activity in, the South China Sea to pursuit of Cutting edge, US technology and the spread of communist party propaganda at American institutions.

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