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There was a part of me that felt and again I was there I was covering it. That Rodman was getting a people. Were acting like this was now. Rodman's team no one really knew what they were talking about. But I don't mean to say people thought Rodman's now the better player than Jordan and whatever senior basketball game thought that but people were so fascinated by him and loved him in this. Those always a part of the connor rubbed me the wrong way because I just found him to be such an attention seeking A person like like like she cared much more about being famous and promoting himself then he cared about winning. Anybody set now. It doesn't mean he wasn't a great player absolutely a great player. And you've seen pretty good stuff that episode three. I think it was which everyone was where they really talk a lot about smart he was he was a tremendous player. I take nothing away from him but boy did he sucked the air out of a room and and it was all about dense and I think something about that has always kind of rubbed me the wrong way which is why. I've always wanted to stick up for harassed grant who was a great a great player. Be a great teammate. Who who felt as though he didn't get nearly enough attention and credit for what they were achieving but didn't behave himself away dentist or to try and get all of that attention and I think there's always been a part of me that is like that better but you know I'd forgotten the one that the one I forgot. Really Harper Harper is an incredibly important part of that second team. Because there's no way to compare what John Paxson. Bj Armstrong did to what Ron Harper was able to do. If you want to say Paxon incur kind of a each other out. As just outstanding outside shooters occur as a better fewer shooter than Paxson was taxing. It a bunch of very big shots particularly in the first championship series and the third one. He makes the famous one to beat Phoenix. But I'd forgotten about Harper Harper Harper Harper presence. Kind of skews. This a little bit. You're making me rethink this. I'm I stand on my on my pick because I refuse not to based upon my personal feelings but you're kind of talking me out of it. Well I think I think I think ninety two probably wins in Opole if you pulled like a thousand people who around the NBA? Then I think the ninety two team probably wins also in this theoretical game if it's one game for all the marbles or whatever you just play all your best players forty six minutes so you're stacy kings and your Scott William although Scott Williams talk about a guy. I'm rewatching always all games. That dude was constantly doing helpful stuff you might do. I see why Phil liked him. He's just coming into games. Like there's offense rebound here put back here. A little short jumper. He was in the right place doing the right stuff all the time. So I think ninety two probably wins in a poll just for the reason of forty five minutes of other universe Jordan and forty five minutes. Prime Athletic Pippen is just. It's it's something you can't do anything with. I just ninety six to me. The seventy two wins matters the fact that they the seventy two wins matters the fact that they destroyed everyone in the playoffs even if it was a soft playoff run until the Sonics won the two meaningless games not it's meaningless a strong. I apologize to the people. But you're right. There's once it's three. Oh No one. In the universe six is is a series anymore And I just the coup coached by the way Ku coach. Better be in this documentary as something other than like dude. Who got picked on in the Olympics because coach was a six man of the year? Michael Scottie both grew to love him and I just think his playmaking shooting size element is something that original team didn't have like the guys coming off the bench for that ninety. Two Team are essentially all big guys and another guard and another little guard. It's just all a bunch of losers. They didn't have anyone like coach. So I'm like I. Because of the seventy two and the versatility. I might lean a little ninety six but I bet ninety two wins an appeal and about Rodman. The ninety seven team that went sixty nine and thirteen fifteen and four in the playoffs. They beat a fifty six. Win Hawks team a sixty one win. Heat team and sixty four win. Utah team who are second fourth and fifth in net rating in the NBA. That you're that is a murderer's row. But the primary argument against them. If there is one is that Rodman checked out in the ninety seven plant was not nearly the same guys. He wasn't ninety six ninety eight but that was sixty nine thirteen. That's one L. of team. Which was the year that Robyn? I'm doing all of this. I thought my head which was the year that Rodman kicked cameraman in in the Ding and wound up being suspended for a significant period of time. Not The famous not the trip to Vegas but but he got suspended for a significant stretch of time she he was. He was always a person who is right now. That was that one. I think. That's that's the point. I was going to feel like that might have sort of carried over into that because it was. If you remember the play is one of these camera guys who were literally on the court shooting the game in his. He's in a very very vulnerable position. He's like squatted down his legs or apart and Rodman sort of falls into him and may have slight. You know it might have heard a little bit. The certainly no one else does fall and he just kicked him right in a crowded area and he got suspended Fordham Significantly deserved it. Rodman was just. He was a he was a pain in the neck. I've found it to be a pain in the neck and that actually brings me to something else. I wanted to talk about with you briefly. I gave some thought its Zack. Wants to be on the PODCAST. What can I tell him? I have come if there's one thing I've come to believe watching the last dance. It is that Phil Jackson is under appreciated as a coach Phil Jackson. I can tell you was under appreciated. Then fill people in town to not a show. I work for the All sports radio station. We were just take calls all day long talking about the balls. That was basically five months of programming three years in a row. Nonstop calls calls calls called. Phil would not come on station. Because he felt that he was constantly being disrespected. That people were constantly callers and the hosts were constantly disrespected him. Basically what the suggestion that the Bulls were a product of Michael Jordan's greatness and that anyone could roll the ball out there that they had thrown Doug Collins out the door right when he would have gotten them there anyway and Doug was figuring town that a lot of people liked and And that they fill got this job and Phil was just lucky to be in the right place at the right time. And he had these legendary experienced assistant coaches. We just talked about in text winner and Johnny Bach and Phil did not get a lot of credit and as I watch this thing and you look at the look at how hard it is to keep the great teams together like no one does it. It's impossible to do and with with all of the insanity that surrounded that group and they really were like the Beatles some of the stuff that he did it. Work just can't argue it. It worked and the best example of it ever is the vacation that he gives Rodman in the middle of A. Who The hell does that? Who The hell says to a player? Yeah you need you know a long weekend in the middle of the season to go to Vegas with Common Electra. And just and just engage in nonstop debauchery. And then just come on back and hopefully with your head cleared and ready to play. No one would do that but Phil Jackson figured out that he needed to do that. I think Phil's finger on the pulse of that group Sort of hand in hand with Michael's leadership Are The reason they would've won some championships anyway. But they wouldn't have one every one of them at fill is a big part of the reason. They won every one of them. Well it's not just giving Rodman the vacation. It's knowing your other the other players on the team well enough to know that this is not going to fracture the team that there won't be so much bitterness about well. Why is this guy getting to do this? And I don't get to do this and you know you see Michael's annoyed. I'd like vacation how anyone does vacation as me. That's what he says in the duck but knowing that the the group will be able to do that the Phil thing is interesting because a lot of it comes down to how synonymous with the triangle. And you know I was at van Gundy Riley. They called him big chief triangle. You know everyone sort of made fun of the Triangle. Because you know is it the triangle or is it. Michael Scott is at triangle or is it shack and coby well. Obviously it's the players. The players make the system. But I I do and people WANNA reimagined dislike. Well what if you just let Michael Run fifty pick and rolls a game with shooting around him and you see glimpses of it particularly in some of the Finals Games? I was watching. You'll see him. He knows every pass out pick and roll. He knows how to play that way. I do think the mythology of changing Michael's game in elevating his teammates is is a is a big part of the Bulls journeys a why they won. Maybe it helped. I bet it helped Ed. I do think there's something to everyone. Involved on offense motivates them to play defense. That's the thing that coaches and players tell you a lot even if I'm just moving and cutting and touching the ball and passing it over here I'm a part of it. I'm not just standing around like PJ. Tucker in the corner. I'm part of it. And that makes me motivated to play on the other end but the game back then was also just not. The triangle was a very effective offense for the way. The game was back. Then by which I mean. Everyone's playing traditional big men three or four guys who can't shoot threes there just isn't anything equivalent to the current spacing of the court and in that era the triangle. I think was an effective way to play but I think a lot of the reason. Why maybe you're right about Philip? Being under appreciated is. I'm not sure if that's true. But if you have that opinion I think a lot of it is fill in. The triangle just became so synonymous that the analysis of Phil Jackson is. A coach was only about the triangle. What are the triangle was overblown or or a real thing or not not about all of this other stuff and even last night in the duck. Michael goes to play golf with Ron Harper. And he's like Phil Phil knows. We need another coach practice today. But Phil's letting US play golf and blow off some CNN if you're talking about keeping teams together you're right that we've seen them all fall apart due to age or egos or I get sick of this coach or this coach. Get Sick of me. The Bulls fell apart because management. And not just Jerry Krause Jerry. Reinsdorf is getting a total pass during this whole documentary because krause is a slummy looking dude with a cantankerous personality so he's easy to blame management. Decided we're done with this team and I said this I'm up one of my podcasts. Recently I do think you know Michael was thirty five. Dennis was thirty seven. I think they're getting up there. Scotties thirty three but Kevin Pelton. I think has a piece coming out this week. On Dot com projecting what a healthy bulls team would have been able to do in nineteen ninety nine. Had Michael Not cut his finger. Cut BURT HIS FINGER. Cutting a cigar. Which by the way that's insane to? He had a cigar cutting injury and then he retired and his conclusion is they. Were probably going to be a sixty one team again that year. And if I do think there is something to you. Just play it out until you lose like Michael. Said you just the honor of being a champion. You just get to play it out until you lose. And I do think it's not hyperbole to suggest that the Jerry's Kinda dishonored the tradition of what a championship team is supposed to be allowed to do. I don't disagree with that. I will say however the degree to which they became iconic and legendary might in the long run have been fuelled by them having been broken up in voluntarily and before their time before they lost before they lost. I mean again. We never saw them lose so when our minds. I I'M GONNA make a ridiculous analogy. But in your mind's eye like John Lennon who my personal favorite musical artist of all time. We'll always be young and he will always have just written all those songs and we will never get to see what his life would have been better. Of course it's not better. It is a freaking horrific tragedy. One of the greatest ones in the history of of the entertainment genre that John Lennon was assassinated when he was forty years old. But the the result of it is that you have no other image of him never existed. We never saw Michael Jordan's teams lose. We never saw them lose the NBA also went entirely different direction after that. So they could..

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