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Latest on that? Yes. So the plan is I believe after next week of next week's racing, the plan is to renovate the turf course. I don't know how long we're going to be down, but that's the plan right now and to get that back up and running. Certainly, well, well before the championship meet, obviously. But we're going to be down for a little bit. I haven't heard a time frame on that, but that's the plan right now after I believe next week that's going to go in effect. Talking with Brian NATO, who is the handicapper along with Ron nicoletti down at Gulfstream park in South Florida again, no racing at Gulfstream today, racing canceled because of tropical storm. Alex and the heavy rains that storm is putting down in South Florida and we wish all of our listeners down there. Good health and hopefully everybody stays healthy. And safe with that storm coming through. Brian, I'm going to ask you one more question. We got about a minute and a half left. The question of the day that we threw out there on our social media page is which three tracks no longer in existence would you love to visit one more time? And we're getting some great answers. Michael, chimes in and sends us an email and he says that he grew up in Canada, so he's talking about Greenwood racetrack near Toronto was one that he would love to visit. He said, Hialeah would be another one. We're getting votes for Hollywood park, bay Meadows, Suffolk downs. Great answers coming in. It will encourage people to keep them coming. How about for you, Brian? What are the three that you would love to visit? Yeah, I saw that, Mike, actually. That's a good one. Well, I guess I'll take it from a perspective of the ones I never did visit. Hollywood park certainly is probably at the top of the list. I was around there, but it was not running when I was there. They were closed. So that would be it. Hi Aaliyah would definitely be another one Ron has told me so many good stories of in the heyday. There was nothing better than hi Aaliyah and I saw radiohead on the turf course out at Suffolk counts, but I was never I never saw racing there. I never got to see a mass cap because it was kind of in the thick of the Saratoga meet. So yeah, those would probably be the three Mike and I never got to see racing there at all. So to me, it would kind of be that much more at the top of the list because I never was able to go there. And so that would be it, but some certainly some historic tracks that it's sad that some of the places that we no longer have obviously confident just closed down here and with the harness track here about a month or 5 or 6 weeks ago. So yeah, it's sad as we kind of dawn in on a different era of racing. Well, Brian, I hope you get to experience racing at Gulfstream again tomorrow, my friend. Yeah, Mike, it's good to catch up with you. Thanks for having me on. And hopefully we'll catch up with you down the line soon. Look forward to seeing you soon. Brian netto, the handicapper down at Gulfstream park with us here on the equine forum this morning, more votes coming in. Hollywood, Arlington and bay Meadows that comes on Twitter from Luis. Don says Hollywood sportsman's park and Hollywood park, big fan of Hollywood and Craig sends an email and says Woodland's sports park and Hialeah. So how about that? Update you on more results to that question. But keep on coming and we'll pass those along later in the program. When we come back, I'll get you ready for hour number two. It kicks off with Eric Hamill back. The CEO of the national hbp. This is the equine forum on the horse racing radio network. Hi, Tony. Hey, Matthew. There's a reason why Tony steaks in the seafood is my favorite restaurant. It's because I want to feel part of the family. Isn't that right, Tony? That's right. There's a saying on the wall that I truly believe in. There's always room for one more at our table. We just want you to be part of our family..

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