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So I guess that means bringing in a woman, and having a beer instead of coffee. I don't know. But it could work too. Well, they can leads me to future plans for the podcast. I, I can tell you the creative person you know. So you've got to have a vision in your head about, okay? I want this to do this in eighteen months, and twenty four months I as well as if you can spill the beans of really love to interview as well. You know, so talk about that. I mean where would you love this to be in a year's time? And it's always evolving, of course to. And like I said, who, who do you love to talk to? Yeah. So one, I mean we would obviously love to increase the amount of people who subscribe and listen to the podcasts for sure alternately, hoping that, that ends in subscriptions who are paper so that, you know, I think right now we have a very specific community if either my friends who are awesome and love me, and one was to my podcast and people who already subscribe to our paper. But I think we want to really you know expand that beyond that. Group of people who just, you know, maybe kids who are in their senior year of college in want advice on what career, you know, whatever their career path, they're going into or who are have been working for fifteen twenty years and just need to get out of a funk in be inspired. I want it to be something that really can reach also loss of people. So I think obviously growth is one of those I would also love just to, to use that as a platform for, you know, you hear a lot of times, really successful podcasts, have they moderate discussion panels, and they talk with women at live events. And then that turns into a podcast and again, not diversifies what the reader or the breeders the newspapers out what the listeners are hearing. And that makes them excited and intrigued. And so, I really wanna make sure I'm diversifying the content and having it become a source for people not just, you know this great podcast, it's really cool. But it's kinda just, you know, here I want it to be oh dot. Kaos like I wanna listen to that I want to be a part of that community. It would be really cool for it to become one of her, you know, community spaces where women can be able to talk with one another. Get advice from each other set up mentorship opportunities hands on mentorship opportunities for women. I think that, that would be amazing. Obviously, that's very lofty. My is probably like what? But I think that, that would just be a really great thing to, you know, go broader than just a podcast of, how can we help each other tackle, our careers? And what is it like to be in business and have that not be a bad thing? So that would be my goal there. And I would love. I mean, I know it's lofty, Abigail Wexner is like I want to talk to her so bad. She's so mazing just so much working on community feel like she would be a wonderful guest on the podcast of just, you know, you hear that name. And you know who she is as multiple episodes there? I know oh I could do. You know, I mean it could go on for. Ever. So she's definitely on there. I think the first lady Shannon ginther would be another really great one. There's a lot of a wad of great women leaders in our community. But again, I, I really want I wanted to be an area where women can feel empowered and inspired to go into their job every single day and do good work. But also, you know want more for themselves than just, you know what I feel like a lotta times. Women do is just talk themselves out of things, and I want it to be space where they can talk themselves into something. I like that. That's good. I like that. I talking themselves into that's great. So let's end with this advice for anybody. That's considering doing a podcast, it holistically, what some advice, would you give them to get them going to make sure they don't stop at certain points, which I'm sure you kind of you realize going. No, get over this sort of thing to get this done, whether it's technology, whether it's support that you have within the business, it self or just internally, you just can't seem to get the gusto going to DO to hit publish that first time what some advice I think it's extremely important to do your research. I think especially in oversaturated, podcasts fear, but also just media in general, you have to have a mission, and you have to have a very clear whole that your podcast is trying to fill, so for me that was local women in business. And if you like I was seeing that anywhere and I felt like, hey, we could really do something here in. So doing your research, and seeing, and, and if it's something that other people have covered do that great. But they out the angle that makes us different and stick out. I think extremely important because and if you just want to do it because you wanna do it and have that creative space and creative freedom. That's great. But if you're doing it to actually reach. A large amount of people, I would suggest you do research on how you want to speak to that dialogue and beat different. So that would definitely be my advice to start with making sure you have a team of people. If you yourself, don't feel like you hot weather. You know, you probably have a full-time job or family in this is this would be a large side-hustle, making sure that you have a team if people that would want to do it with you. I hear so many great podcast of friends who just go into it together. And that back and forth. Dialogue is also just so fun to listen to from listening standpoint, so. Yeah, having a team in making sure you're making those connections. I was so lucky that we had the I had the name business. I attached to my name because I would be so hard for me to reach out to some women and say, hey, come over to my house, and record a podcast with me, they'd be like, who are you? Exactly. So luckily, I had that name behind me so I didn't have to do as much of that at the at the beginning. But I would recommend if you don't have that, or you maybe you do have great business connections. And that's awesome. And I would suggest you start with that. But if you don't go to networking events, and, and start meeting people and give them your card also just remembering to that. It's okay. Like it's a learning process like anything else, and I've never done a podcast before this. And I'm sure the first couple of episodes, I was obvious. But the longer I think you get into it the more comfortable you are. And, and the easiest easier it's arts, become a another thing I would suggest would be doing what we've done, which is getting a lot of podcasts kind of on file and case, you know, if you want to be consistent and published, whether that's, you know, weekly biweekly monthly whatever that may be ours is by weekly, but making sure that you stay. Consistent without to your audience who's tracking with you can expect things think that's important. So making sure to have some on file in case you're sick or you're out of town, or something is really important to. Well, congratulations on finding the niche. I agree. I don't I don't know of one that is. Yeah. So I think you've found it, which is great. And congratulations on the feedback that you're getting in the emails back in the phone calls back that they want to be a part of the podcast, which is great. That means you're doing a good job in the are good episodes. I enjoyed the three that I got to listen to progress. I did want to hear what you're doing with it, and was just impressed that not that I didn't think business, I would do something like this, but I'm glad that they are. So I'm very happy that there's an outlet for this because I think it's, it's well-needed I work with a couple of female focused podcasts as well in the business arena. I think that stories are amazing. The content is out there and it needs to be published. Absolutely needs to go come out there, whether it's on a regional scale national-scale doesn't matter. It's a story that I think needs to be told I think it's great. Well, thank you for being a guest as well. Congratulate congratulations. All the way on good luck getting a month eighteen year five, you know, episode one hundred all those benchmarks says, great. I'm I'm excited excited to see to her. see her.

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