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To learn from us. I want to learn from a man that's older than me that that's the same color as my skin because I can relate to him. I want to learn from a young lady the same comes my schedule cuz I can relate to them. They can understand my struggle my differences that I've been I'll go through I think and I think people that people other young people can relate to that as well. So just food for thought man. I really and you all Brothers is very intelligent you guys all know. How may I see the things Mister MC is my man talk about his hand on his mouth. He thinking you know, so I'm really I really like to get some perspectives on the time you gotta shoot that question to me a couple of days before so I'm a little research and we know the block. Okay, we came making sure we save that until June. Wanted to get that reaction. Yeah, cuz I mean I'm being be honest with you. I mean with the like again like with us being such a large economy and we give so much to this state not only just financially but wage. But culturally we give so much to the state of California, you know as a Black Culture as a brown culture. I don't understand why I'm trying I'm having a hard time understanding why they're not embracing this to allow us to educate themselves ourselves. Why haven't they they're not giving us a platform or a space in the state of California? Well, we can send our kids to go be around us. You know, I don't want my kid. My kids shouldn't our kids live in the middle class cuz you know, we've all make us some money doing good. Our kids shouldn't be afraid to be around other people when they're in, you know, cuz they're in a different a different economic situation, right? You know, they shouldn't be fearful that because when you go to that college or you going to have that we're all on the same level right? You can be rich or poor you still in the dorm room, right, you know, but we can learn from each other. We don't have that platform. We still have the divisiveness. I believe in in that situation so Best best to me that to me would be a huge investment in our culture a huge investment in our people if we could have something like that on on the west coast whether it be a Clark Atlanta, California or whether it be a Howard California does have to be something that's brand new maybe something that we branched off and they bring it over here Tom Watson, you smiling me what you got what you got going over there. Oh man. I mean, I just think at the end of them. They I think you got and this is not to be the the the elephant in the room at this think that black people one were not trusted with money quote on quote when it comes to certain things and I think it's who would be in charge who has the capital. And then can we get everyone to come together? It's no different from the new bank. That just came about with the Greenwood big here in Atlanta. And it's like, you know, you have a a new a new bank. And you know, how is that really going to look moving forward now that we have a a black-owned bank? That's a digital Bank. Shall we say, there's no difference this like who's going to be in charge of that right now hbcus are already struggling and they're asking for money from the federal government. Whereas a lot of these predominantly white institutions. I think they call them pwi's from my understanding. They did not they have that strong alumni where they pour back into it. And my thing is the cap is all about capital. And and do you trust me if you give me a two million dollars start and then somebody else gets me another 2 million. Am I going to funnel that into creating? Look at? Dr. Umar Johnson? No disrespect. To him, but where's that school that he said that he was going to break that he was going to build. So now you asking other people to put up money. They want to know that that money is going to go to where they to the resources that they say they're going to go to and I think that's what's holding you up for the the question that you're asking a biggie right? There is a financial financial responsibility and birth to bring it out here, but I truly believe I mean, you know, smarter smarter Minds Prevail and I'm not saying maybe start from the scratch. Like I said, why aren't we taking a blue from the Howard or Grambling or Southern and saying you know what they can have that as a West Coast even though that is more of an investment because they are they willing to share it off you're throwing it out there. So I'm just saying I'm thinking or or one of these other colleges be willing to share and say, you know, what we're going to do a branch when they're already struggling financially dead. Well, I would say I would say possibly not right now, but I'm saying right now in the state. We're in state of California in the state of mind. We are with with the black moving right now. Why is that even even being entertained and money and money that can be privately funded doesn't just have to come there. We have enough Millionaires and billionaires in the state of California that I think we can tap into that and that are in the entertainment in the high-tech world of that to see if they can bring that up but there's never even frustrated presented in front of them. There is nothing to invest in if it's not even there I'm speaking on the idea like now Beyond just the financial aspect what else is holding us back and and I like the dialogue 12 or so. We thought we can go. I think we need to figure out what why can it not be presented. Why should I be standing in front of the body? Yeah. So let's let me interject because I.

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