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Are they launched an investigation in january of 1993 they moved a couple of undercover agents in across the street including robert rodriguez he began visiting the group ostensibly to hear karezes teachings but he was really trying to glean more information on the group's weapons david tibbett out claims new rodriguez was undercover from the start yet he still welcomed him onto the land and into bible study sessions it didn't take a message from god to know they were being watched the compound was under surveillance by helicopter and the increase in flights overhead tipped karesh off in a big way karesh new from years of recruiting that he could turn folks looking for spiritual direction to his way of thinking in unlikely places like bars and pool halls he figured rodriguez should get a chance to become one of his followers to caress was that confident in himself and his message during the months rodriguez spent visiting the compound he befriended crash in conversations with the fbi the siege karesh said that rodriguez was a good guy and that he loved him for his part rodriguez couldn't confirm that the branch davidians had illegal weapons but it was clear they amassed a substantial arsenal and had the ability to convert semi automatic two automatic weapons there was probable cause for a search but the atf light and said there was an onsite meth lab in order to get additional tactical training for the raid from the military on february twenty theft the united states district court of the western district of texas issued the atf warrants for a february twenty eight the rest of david koresh and a search of the compound agents were authorized to search for various types of assault rifles and items needed to convert them to be fully automatic heavy artillery as well as homemade grenades and bombmaking materials in a post siege lawsuit filed by surviving branch davidians against the government but texas ranger testified that quote about three.

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