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$59 precision furnace tuna by calling 809 48 Mike. Traffic and weather on the AIDS is gonna check of those roads with Jo Conway in the traffic center John we're going to start off invading a Maryland where we're dealing with icy spots, a Maryland, Virginia and the district for that matter, But I see spots to watch out for in Maryland on to 14 Central Avenue near to 02. There was a crash apparently. Always said There were a lot of vehicles there on the scene. Fantasy highways telling us it's an emergency works on a single lane getting by each way to 14 eastbound, westbound approaching 202. Earlier today. 50 westbound after 4 24. Davidson Moreau. They dealt with a vehicle fire. Sounds like the stuff some cleanup on going there. You're staying to the love to get by with perhaps a brief delay. Along. I 70 westbound near route 32 sites fill your crashes on the left side. Sounds like it was a single vehicle spin out and landed in the median. Maybe a brief delay to get by staying to the right now looking for a crash along 1 93 near Good Luck Road, follow police direction. Just excited reports of any major issues on 3 95 or 6 25 between the Potomac in Anacostia Rivers to 95, north and South Down Good between Oxygen Hill Eastern Avenue Wheeler Road's still closed. We're told between Valley Avenue and Southern Avenue for the crash near Barney Street. Police will direct Virginia Beltway in good shape at last report, 95 to 95. Nothing terribly complicated. All those still out with the crash 95 North bound the ramp to 1 23. That ramp remains blocked. We're watching the activity in the traffic camera there. The rollback is there, but the ramp is still blocked as the rollback retrieves theocrats vehicle, 66 Carlito issues reported inside or outside the Beltway. Well, you tell. The reporters are driven by fits, Jodo demolish, upped its first and save money under Toyota's Hyundais and Subaru's visit, fit small dot com Transparency You can trust I'm Jo Conway wtp traffic, not a storm team for meteorologist Matt Ritter. Why did he have been called the rest of the day today With some patchy fog and some drizzle high temperatures slowly climbing into the mid thirties to near.

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