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Aztecs back a question mark and they say Kobe died. And I'm thinking it can't be Kobe Brian. I know of no other Kobe but it can't be Colby Bryant right and then I'd take Kobe Bryant Question Mark and they say you know the helicopter not and and I mean I almost cried myself. I mean I was distraught and I couldn't believe it yeah. It was like a punch to the GUT A- and and even to this moment when I really think of the final that Kobe is not coming back I feel that same. I'm feeling in my gut and so then you know you start texting. People people around the League related to the League and everybody has the same same reaction. They're devastated. They can't believe it. Is it true and let me throw this. Chris if I may we were talking about this earlier is that as many great players as the NBA has had and I. I'm old enough that I remember watching the Lakers. Seventy two with Gail Goodrich Jerry. West and Wilsonville Sharman coached team. That's aging myself millennials. I'm kind of old There's been about seven to eight players. Who have really craft after the image of the League? I think Dr J. Lo'd out. I think it's a very short list. I think it's magic and bird. I I think it's Michael. I think it's shack. Koby Lebron and Steph because of the three point shot. I have a very small list of people that when I think of the NBA and it style and its coolness and it's related to young people Kobe's like one of eight to me. Am I shor your doctor. Jay Is the first person that made basketball to me. I would go out and mimic him. In the made it cool. He was the first guy. There was a guy before him named Spencer Haywood. I'm going way too far back. That had some of the same qualities but I think Kobe's in that class. No I agree because to this generation and he is there Michael. Yes now whether you not you think Lebron better whatever Kobe's the guy they look at because as we said the grace the beauty of his game and we can't. We can't belittle this. He won five rings like we. That's one reason we say Jordan's the Goethe's he won six. We may who knows when the next time. We'll see a guy five rings SEF Scott. Three Lebron is arguably I believe the greatest we've ever seen he's got three in sixteen full seasons durant has to. I don't know when we'll see a guy be the best player or the second best player on his team and win five championships so Kobe is associated with grace with toughness with killer killer instinct and with Winnie. You can't get a better combination in that and I'll say this Colin and I won't criticize the NBA. If they don't do it I think think they'll handle it the right way in my opinion the NBA should retire. Kobe's number eight and number twenty four across the league totally totally agree. They've never here's the reason. None of their icons. None of their superstars has ever passed away in the prime of his life Moses Malone and Wilt Chamberlain I believe are the only MVP winners who aren't still alive. And they were in their sixties when they pass away which which most would look at as they okay lived a full life for the most part. This is the first icon in the NBA. That was cut short so early. And I think it's appropriate for them to honor him by retiring his Jersey throughout the league and an immediate induction into the hall of fame the NHL. If I recall did that for Gretzky ski there several steps there were like. What's the point of waiting for the right bag media induction into the hall of fame for Kobe and retired? The number and I know this is a time when we're all very emotional national and there's a lot of suggestions boasts feel right and baseline right to me. Chris I appreciate this tough day for you. We're really glad glad you're here. Thank you very spruce. Art.

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