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Walking around Bula continues. Both sides have presented their opening arguments. The district attorney's office presenting their side. I with assistant DA Stephen Wright saying that Dr Harambee was angry when he had to go into his daughter's bedroom back in December when he heard the younger daughter crying after the two were fighting about a toy Dr Graham Bela grabbed his seven year old's face squeezing, her to be quiet. Smacking her head right is making the case that his daughter was fearful of her father, especially when her mother Elizabeth was out of town. And he watched the children by himself. Dr. Rambla listening shaking his head. No defense attorney Margarita Martinez. Bailey said the children were in bed the seven year old through a toy it or sister was jumping from bed to bed when he came in and held her while she was squirming than spanked her twice. On her bottom. She says they will not prove where the Bruce came from on the child's forehead it could have happened. While the kids were playing hot lava and jumping from furniture to furniture earlier in the day. Bailey says the daughter is very bright and was seeking attention from her parents in correlated her story to a fiction the child read the tales of Devereaux where child is similarly hit the twelve. Jurors six men and six women will decide if Dr Aram Bula wilfully inflicted pain or suffering on his daughter reporting for Fresno county superior court, Liz, Kern, K, J news, Fresno police are investigating a hit and run in the southwest part of the city. Lieutenant Marquette's says officers were called around eight thirty yesterday morning to the area of California and M L K avenue females got into an argument in a fight in the parking lot. When the driver of the white compact vehicle used her vehicle strike the other person involved in this disturbance, she then went up on the hood came off the hood received injuries to her head was transported. This location to see RMC where she has non-life.

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