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You talk I really. Can't I said can you ask. And they'll ask and then I'll have the public relations or the communications director. Whoever's there I say they please I put John headset. You can listen to the interview. There's anything of issue we can work out work through that and that's usually the agreeable. That's how we go forward but we know that not every employee can talk on camera or allowed to speak. It's just the way it works and I'm sure you work at a company that may have disciple rules too. So why are people freaking out. When they say they were threatened? No they were threatened they were given given an hr notice to say listen. You do this again. You're going to be terminated right. They were lucky they were lucky. They weren't terminated for just. Yes 'cause I'm spot. Martin says this is why I've always said to think before you say or act on something on publicly on camera and he social pr any platform period. Think smartly. Yes I agree you know I how. How many have you been pissed? And you've written a facebook post or twitter post or something and you've got the point you're GonNa hit send and he said No. I have to do that a lot because if I say something that I if I'm thinking something and I want to say it the next thing when Scott Hamilton my board direct water director members is.

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