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Just everybody's afraid to say it. Well that's the former cdc director but they ripped rand paul off of youtube because they're trying to talk about it and no one wants to talk about. But that's what's happening in the lord. Thanks karen appreciate it very much. It's wildwood he had to say about it. We used to tell them the truth. It's ways the former cdc direct probably. That's coming up at seven. Thank you karen. Ten minutes away news. Talk eight fifty w. f. t. l. lord of morning show in this gen diener. Bill boy was This is one of those weird stories with cuomo. It's like it's not surprising and happen. But it's still shocking somehow to hear him resigning a i like the first minute. They said that he was resigning and i went. Oh dear okay. So that means they got something on him and it's without without question. It's proof that he go under because of it and this was the dutch. Oh so he's going to resign so they won't pursue whatever it is that they have positive proof of that was my take and this is how he's going to save himself from going to jail or prison or whatever i. It's looking that way your prediction. I think you're right so no criminal charges on anything you know which is one thing he walks away. Probably some kind of deal that was cut. That's what that melissa derosa. The aid resigned. Said she said talks. Were in the works for weeks to resign and agree not to run again and They won't pursue the criminal charge and some back alley deal. And i think they gave him two weeks because honestly he's got nowhere to go and the they gotta give him time to find a house where he's the only reason he got two weeks you know he's gonna push i'm not i'm resigning i'm not leaving because of the eviction moratorium. I am allowed to stay in my home. joe. I can you imagine. Leave the governor's mansion komo's a squatter. He's just going to sit in his robe in his footsteps. Anyway this is how it all went down yesterday. And i think that given the circumstances the best way i can help now is if i step aside and let government get back to governing i work for you and doing the right thing is doing the right thing for you. Yeah this is the last guy in the world that wanted to step away from editing. It's got nothing to do with anybody in new york city. It's got everything to do with me. Saving myself from going to prison. And i firmly believe that now. As far as he is concerned he spent twenty seven minutes in this press conference yesterday justifying every charge against him. He apologized to the women for being inappropriate. I'm sorry if i hurt you in you. Know i- i- disrespected you. But i didn't do anything wrong. He pulled the old which is what's done now with the crisis managers. pr departments. He pulled the old. I'm sorry if you took it that way and you know your fault. Yeah you miss monsieur terported. My actions not admitting guilt realize you're just saying i'm sorry about all this i i'm a tyrant but i'm sorry that if you take my you know my passion to be a better governor as being a tyrant than therefore it's your fault it's like. Wow he did. He justified everything. He cleared his conscience so in his mind. He did nothing wrong..

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