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That's what you take them to when they come visit you and who in the world does the Brassica tell kids, hey, here's who we get to go play. Nobody UCLA chip Kelly. We're going to see if he can because he was on the cutting edge of the offense of the quarterbacks that could run and get out in the space and going fast. And now everyone. Does it. So now he's going to have to take a nother step and change. They're not very good. When you watch UCLA play, they're just not very talented. Now in college, it takes a couple of years get recruiting going. But as you guys know, we are not very patient when it comes to coaching nowadays, you get maybe two years before you get on the hot seat and it's almost time to go. We'll go from the struggling to the dominant. But his last question for you, Joey. Number one, ala Bama hosting zuri. I don't think we think much of that match, but to tug of alot has a niece spring is this even a game he has to play, connects, save it look to and say, no, you're gonna have a buy week this week. Would you expect it to go that far? Joey will on this is a game that you could play quarterback there. There is no concern here, and it is funny to think though, honestly, I was joke joking. When I say we haven't seen to play a whole game. Anyhow, he wanted Nestle champs, your plan, half a game when seen blue in the second half this year, we actually, and this is crazy. We don't know if Alabama can finish. Let's say they get into a four quarter game. We've not seen their stars to the second half yet it could get interesting if someone finally pushes them, they might not be in shape for all we know. But this game won't be a concern, Joey. Thank you. Thank you for for coming to hang out with us today. We appreciate it and you can catch Joey Galloway tomorrow in college. Football final. We're gonna take one last break, but still to come. Sir, shit. The Packers be about Aaron Rodgers. Me setback. And is you sane bolt? Remember him? He making legit transition to soccer, so world game, Michael wilpon. I know it is. We gotta keep Nebraska winless tomorrow because they're in Evanston, which is why I'm Evan. I don't want Nebraska shaking out of anything tomorrow. Congratulations, Scott frost. You got your first one. Hey, hey, hey..

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