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Boring it's flood warnings fucked me as i said well you know and data hurts me because i have people for the fighters i you like to watch them by myself with todd came over mmma stepmom zero joe's there her friends are there were all these this food and it's a good time and they're not really into the fights todd is todd bet on it have some got leonard the anyways so but when it's a boring night oh my god off my dad went outside turned the middle of the made available what are you doing through when a week later dehneya i don't blair pocock her if they're good fights even if you're not a real avid fan can still get into i have a question were focken snoussi and was snoozing in antonino adding it's not it's not yosi's fault listen you will see pay or like starburst that cannot be ren knocks they can't someone he yells at orange but i i've always had carlos condit in my top three well to its alltime in a lot of ways i just think he's silvio arkhan good well here's my whole i'll magny is my question i found and we talk about this he's got a lot of wear and tear on them i'd never seen 'cause condit kick and get his foot caught that many fucking time heals very good that's fine i've never seen okaz out of her carlos tuna iguazu because it's the dilemma height and cardio neil neil joe sees these dinner apostle knocked out he's long he's athletic yet he doesn't he's gonna do you doesn't care about binch will show sorry algeria take you down over and over here.

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