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Hey, good morning. I'm good. Thank you. Good. Kind of put them back to the K D thing really quick. Kinda noted over the past week, every Monday night, and the entry obviously is kind of a whole narrative chain a little bit. You know, has been into Oakland. Joining throwing team already but he goes out he plays for teen and now he's just around with nothing. But love, you know, now that the injury happened just seems by the warriors by the fans fan general, some of, you know, some of the critics out there when he did join the warriors. But now it seems that we've all kind of come together just comport him. And, you know, it's interesting Kelly really quick to cut in here. I actually saw guy on my Facebook page, who called this karma for him, leaving Oklahoma City, a ruptured achilles. Karma for leaving. Okay. See, so while maybe the fans that you've encountered have this this, this happy, happy joy joy in. Let's all support Katie attitude. I've certainly seen a lot of the opposite. Where people are saying he deserves this. Whatever the hell that means. I god. Yeah. That's horrible. Fame. But I thank you for taking my call day. Sure. Thanks. Have a great Dane Atlanta. Yeah. I deleted that comment off my Facebook page. Because I think that's awful. I mean, if you want karma if you believe in karma than how about you start talking about other people like that he deserves it. He deserves it how because he made a decision to join the Golden State Warriors, and win two titles in two NBA finals MVP's so for that he deserves to lose a year of his career and tear his achilles. What is wrong with people? I asked that question a lot and never really get an answer rhetorical. But gross. If that's really how you feel. There's something wrong in your brain, and you maybe should try them compassion empathy. Again, if you believe in karma, you better watch out to it's after hours on CBS sports radio and on Facebook. So if you haven't seen the video of Layla Anderson blue superfan in finding out that she was going to game seven in Boston as a guest of the franchise of, but they're also videos and I've put. Them on Twitter Ehlo radio of her. Getting to hold hoist kiss the Stanley Cup with her her best bud Colton Perico and I really appreciate not just the blues as a whole for adopting Layla and remembering that sports have the ability to inspire, and create hope and lift and support encourage but how about the individual players. So Perico went to visit her multiple times in the hospital. The players have talked about how much it means to them that Leyla been a part of this, and that they're, they're rallies. So to speak. We're almost parallel there pads were running parallel, as Layla was going through chemo and was getting that bone marrow transplant in January, and then recovering an isolation that was about the same time that the blues were putting together their run to get back to relevance in the NHL. So if you haven't seen the stories you haven't seen the interviews with Layla or with her mom and just. The cool videos that are mom is put on social media couple of them on, on my Twitter. But also the blues have all kinds of great videos with Layla before we take our break here at the bottom of the hour. I want to say Bravo John beeline, and Bravo Cleveland Cavaliers. No. I know I wasn't on the air after the swin, cash anals put so swin cash is a former uconn star and actually I did my first ever. Westwood One NC double A tournament game with swin cash. So she was my partner on Westwood One radio. That was a really neat moment for me. And for her, it was the first time doing it a couple of years ago she got hired in the front office by the New Orleans pelicans, and we'll talk more about the pelicans coming up because they've got some news of their own. In addition to swin cash, and maybe she's going to be a part of the Anthony Davis decision. But how about this Lindsay Gottlieb becomes the latest coach too? I should say the latest female coach. I mean you can tell that she's the sheath of Email. I guess there are some mayo Lindsay's out there but Lindsay Gottlieb becomes the next female coach to join a staff in the NBA. So she's the first one to come from the college ranks. But she's doing this, this growing movement in the NBA where guys like Gregg Popovich, and others are bringing females on board and could care less about their gender couldn't care less about their gender, what they care about is whether or not, they can coach and teach the game and communicate with today's players. And so got leave has an incredible track record from her time at UC Berkeley. She went to a final four she took her teams to the tournament seven times in eight years. And she's the first women's college head coach that's been recruited to an NBA staff relatively early in her career. She's only forty one and she's going to be right there with be, and also see it head coach Bickerstaff. So I just think this is awesome good for. Coach P line for Koby Altman for thinking outside the box and not being limited by what's been done in the past or what conventional also as a side note and selfish a little selfish. I really am thankful that there are more women who are joining staffs, whether front office or coaching staff in the NBA because I believe it's only a matter of time until female gets a job as an NBA play by play announcer. And I would like to be that I one so congratulations to coach leave also love it from John line, and the Cavaliers they're going to have a lot of young players there and coaches, obviously like coach beeline is obviously able to communicate with players about that age, so college age remember, a lot of guys leave college early in bolt to the NBA. And so that's right in her wheelhouse. And she's again how to track record of success. So as long as you can teach and coach the game as long as you can communicate, it shouldn't matter whether or. Or not. You are man or.

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