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Died penniless and friendless in eighteen ninety five live the last survivor of the Donner party Isabel Breen died on March twenty fifth nineteen eighteen thirty five at the age of eighty nine. She was one year old when their parents took her across the Sierra Nevada Mountains Lansford transferred hastings the man who set the Donner Party on the path to failure and was arguably the reason for their horrible fate remained involved with their lives in the years that followed he worked with James Reid and donate to orphanages the donner children stayed at but never expressed any remorse the misleading information he put in the emigrant's guide the California and Oregon in fact his penchant for poorly thought out plans continued throughout the rest of his life during the civil war hastings served as a major in the confederate army after their defeat he set out to to found a confederate colony Brazil with the aim of writing the emigrant's guide to Brazil. He died on route today. The Donner Party is remembered as one of the most infamous disasters in the era of Western migration too many who grow up in California the name Donner is synonymous with starvation cold and cannibalism and even if you've never heard of them their name now adorns the very land killed almost half their group the lake were were. They wasted away with nothing but hope to keep them going now. Bears the name of its survivors and the gap between the mountains were so many of them perished from hunger and hypothermia is now known as Donner Pass..

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