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The teenagers and captured the bat is also being treated a grieving families one step closer to justice after a fivemonth weight in march 38yearold tanner and was killed in a car crash is families finally face the man accused and komos gade cohen has the update a photo of tator monday and a lockett of ashes hang from the neck of his heart broken another i'm missing mary thing amending of every single day tanner was a single dad raising is two boys alone this is ethan affairs feels like reversal garath archer pharrell should consider in march tanner was killed at a crash in fight after being rear ended into another car police say the driver hit him was going almost seventy miles per hour in a 35 zone through rain he could remember the crash or whether or not he took his seizure medication net day but that 27yearold was it duress it right away and for five months debby wade it and i go until a called two weeks ago change and i guess last it i cried for two hours and finally been charged give a them the driver of the car that killed tanner was order to take his seizure medication and not to drive unless he gets a note from his doctor said local districts are having trouble finding enough bus drivers in time for the start of the school year more from komos ryan yamamoto bethel's school district says a lot has to do with the economy when the economy scared we have a hard time when the economy bad we get a lot of drivers fell right now the employment market pre vast out there and so we have to compete with that market during her fourteen years or the district karen campbell says she has a put up that help wanted sign for drivers every year and this year she has enough drivers around there two hundred twelve buses but they're still looking for sobs komo news time six ten on a monday morning todd.

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