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Actress and activist rose mcgowan is urging others to be brave and join the fight against sexual assault and harassment ap correspondent jennifer king has more actress rose mcgowan in her first public remarks since she accused film producer harvey weinstein of rape so she has been silent for twenty years about sexual assault harassment but no more no more worthy be hurts it's time to be hulls it's time to rise it's time to be brave speaking at the women's convention in detroit mcgowan thanked her supporters and says it's time to announce those in power who condone sexual harassment from one monster we look away to another the head monster of all right now mcgowan also says it's time to clean house in maledominated hollywood i'm jennifer king cuba's pushing back on accusations it carried out chronic attacks on us diplomats ap's mike ross reports said made its case in prime todd cuban officials gave us pierre to defence against us accusations that american diplomats stationed in havana have been targeted by mysterious sabic attacks the tv special was titled alleged sonic attacks and it has the programs narrator said the members of the us delegation said they don't have evidence that confirms that these reported attacks occurred the us state department asserts the attacks be gan late in 2016 continuing into this year and affected 24 u us officials or their relatives some of the physical ailments include headaches hearing problems and concussions i mike rossio nbc news is taking journalist mark helprin off the air a piece of donahue reports the move comes following claims of sexual harassment from a story i'm sierra halperin is in msnbc contributor and the allegations are from five women who worked at abc when he was political director cnn correspondent congress award work a b c she tweeted help rinse behavior was an open secret at the network emily miller a former abc employee who is now at one america news network retweeting the halperin story with the hashtag me to mark halperin says he's deeply sorry and is taking a step back from daytoday work to deal.

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