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Chris Moore with you until summer's That's right. The schmoozer top of the hour, 877337 66 66 right back at it with Martin and Gilford. He joins us on the fan. I'm Martin. Hi, Chris. How are you tonight? All good brother. What do you got? Ellis and I hate to beat a drum 1000 times. But I've been on this station more than once. Maybe even with you. Talking to people about how insane it is that Teams from Florida. Come up north and bring their Petri dish up with them. Not their own politician is state of the union here. And so as a result of the Marlins scenario to have major league baseball teams from Texas, Arizona, Florida land and even California travel around the country. Is Crazy. I don't want to say it. I mean, it makes zero public health sense yet We have this Pollyanna attitude that we're going to go through it and Major League Baseball has announced no one's asked him at one point to be You know, part of expression of a drop dead solution of this. I mean, they just do it. There's flying by the seat of their pants. We all know that. I'm on it. It's crazy. Our country has been At best, at best, Disorganized about Cove it and the whole baseball approach to it has married a whole countries approach to it. And I can go on. Well, they're both. They're both monopolies. I mean, in a way, you know others. Ah, you know, we're at the mercy of the government wants we elect them And then after they're elected and you know, they can do pretty much what they want. We don't have a lot of Say, really, And obviously the sports are monopolies and they do what they want. Now you're not mollified at all by the fact that they're testing these players every day. Say it again. You're not mollified at all by the fact that they're testing these players every day. Whereas most people don't get tested their tested for covert everyday so even if they but yeah, we had the situation of Philadelphia. I mean, testing is on a perfect scenario. It's good. I'm not saying we shouldn't To have these people going home and living their communities, which are Very problematic covert right now and thinking that testing is that panacea is Inadequate in my opinion. Well, look, I don't I can't Martin. I can't say that. I really disagree with you. I just understand. That, um I just understand how difficult this whole thing is. The days are very valuable. Like we don't have a discussion because it is such an intangible, but we don't talk about time. Each one of us Is losing productive time here time with loved ones time with older relatives, in particular that might be in nursing homes, assisted living. Ah Hospice if that's unfortunately the case. You know, you just Um, you just really struggle with the loss of time knowing you can't get days back. So To give up and say. We're all going to stay in. Is understandably really difficult, and it may have been the thing to do in March. When hindsight it certainly looks like it would have been The thing to do. But our borders air still open. People are going to come across and this pandemic is going to Have its pockets of success. Which is failure for us, But success for the pandemic for the virus itself is going to find ways in a free society like ours in a country with our square footage. Our population. And our diverse living styles. We're you know, we're screwed in a lot of ways. So what we do is manage it the best we can, and we'll argue forever about whether just how poorly we We did in that department of managing it the best we can. But I don't dismiss the sentiment. Of trying To work our way through this with a certain amount of intelligence. But I I don't see that. You know this is a bad argument when People can call from both sides and make their arguments and I find myself Pretty much stuck. But I'll say this in Martin's defense in my world. Martin's Mohr right than most Probably wasn't a great idea. To start thes season's Even with the financial opportunities. That are lost because they if they hadn't done it. Because the Again as we started the show with the risk reward scenario here. Just isn't favorable enough. In the long run, in my opinion, but it is opinion worthy. You know, it very much is opinion worthy. It is not what people like to use these days. As the phrase no brainer. It is not that It is not that It's it's Muchmore. Nuanced than that and much more difficult to make these decisions and unless you're making them You know, I don't think you have the proper perspective to be Emphatic one way or the other. I think you certainly have the right to your opinion, but being emphatic about One side or the other without considering all angles. Is pretty difficult, Maybe for you. It's clear, but that doesn't mean it's clear for your neighbor Mark in Blooming Grove, New York Up Next on the fan, I'm Mark Hi, Chris. Great show. Thanks. I'd like to talk about How do you feel about the fact that sports used to be like the toy Department? In other words, whatever was going on in the world you could. You could turn on the sports program or we'll watch your favorite team and kind of get like, enjoy enjoyment from that, where now everything is pushed front and center and sports is becoming politicized..

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