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I don't I'm not embarrassed represent you with your shirt, like barest represent my school versity with my fancy little thing here that jealousies, coming from some of the, the old school fighters, fighters that just wish they could sell as well, or under motivated, under motivated, younger guys who get their ass, and go to work, and be a know that they are their product they had to control of their product in and how they approach the game. So it's just a and then some old guys like me, but I'm not one of them. I'm not living in the past. I can't vote I want to any of us wanna live in the past. So I think the a lot of older guys like in my generation while it's not the business and it's not this. You know, it's not what I grew up on. Well. What is what we grew up on. But balls don't you're right, amazed. Not never mind that I five that eight man tournament. With greasy? Yeah. Ten the tooth flew out in the first fight. Hip what a statement that big black taste Taylor. Truly was the Samoan fellow who's tooth got knocked. Guiding Gerard Gordo from there was a black guy Yarborough? Oh man. Visit. So I remember things like that, just their significant that regard. So anyway, I'm talking about the same company that has evolved in change through, you know, they're not anything like they were when they first started one more shot out to busted open eight, they do a great job, by the way. You're listening, our show where an MA show. We do have a guest from the pro wrestling world. Who's an EMMY fan, by the way? Still catch those guys, noon. Sorry, nine AM eastern, bully Ray Marquette, re Tommy, dreamer gets in there, David Greco, and they do, great job covering, nudges WB, but all of the different organizations that cover them all just like we try to a never make junkie. Not just you've see a bell tower. And that's kind of what's drumming John me in allowed me to, you know, broaden myself that I even like new Japan on access TV. They respect the John Reid for what it is. Yeah. If you accept what the product is, as it is. Then you're more likely to embrace it to some degree, no one on that show trashed is. So you're telling me to tell you that pro wrestling's not a little bit of fiction here. Come on wink, wink. So. I just I just think that they do smart job and that broadcasting live from here in Vegas on Friday morning. So that's a cool. Where's it at Rafeal? Tuscany. So Mark Henry and the in the Greco on your network. We'll be rocking and rolling live at test. I'm being there so early Friday morning. So that'll be interesting. JR jeremy's. Not so great. Are you? Glad we're primetime. So. Jerry feeling.

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