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And at that time when that senator spoke on the topic of the legislation they were against for forty four hours. I wasn't there for that. I was told the moment that the senator sat down the moment he retreated. He gave up the ran out. I guess that minute the senate passed the bill. Basically the same thing. This time around Senator carol alvarado from houston spoke for fifteen hours. Now if you were going to say this was just a gimmick. This is just some sort of a stunt. You might think that the what the senator would do is start talking at about six o'clock on one evening which she did and maybe talk till midnight or one am that way. It would be covered on the local news at ten. Pm around the state and might make the national news that there's a filibuster happening in texas over the voting rights thing. She talked for fifteen hours until right about nine o'clock the next morning as she was wrapping up and listen to what senator alvarado had to say in her closing statement and keep in mind when she sang this. She has been talking basically nonstop for fifteen hours. Now if you watched it like i did. I watched most of it. I did sleep at some point. But i watch most of other senators helped out by asking her questions and giving her a chance to Not talk for a few minutes at a time. But she couldn't drink any water. These are the rules No water Can't lean on your desk or anything. You have to stand up right and stay talking on the same topic for the entire time. Filibustering as she wrapped up. Senator alvarado was surrounded by democratic senators. And she pointed to the achievements of a great texan. President lyndon johnson. I reminded of his words on the day. Nineteen sixty five when he signed the voting rights act and when he said the vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down in justice destroying the terrible walls which imprisonment because they are different from other men. It is on his legacy texas. Democrats in both chambers. Draw the line in the sand and say unapologetically and one accord the world to hear voter suppression. Anywhere is a threat to democracy everywhere. Thank you gratefully. Thank you mr president.

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