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Be a very aggressive action today tonight in the days ahead until we're certain this is done. Could be a response to the violence in the Middle East. It finally came to an end last week and now President Biden is looking for a long term peace teas and inviting is dispatching Secretary of State Antony Blinken to the Middle East this week to meet with Israeli leaders. The president says in a statement that blinking will convey the administration's quote, ironclad commitment to Israel's security, and we'll also continue its efforts to quote, rebuild ties to and support for the Palestinian people and leaders after years of neglect. Thinking will also focus on the international effort to get immediate humanitarian assistance to the people in Gaza. The White House says it's focused on what it called quiet intensive diplomacy was key to bringing about a cease fire between Israel and Hamas. Last week. Karen Travers, ABC NEWS Washington The numerous scandals have not heard Governor Cuomo in the eyes of a lot of New Yorkers in New Sienna College poll finds a majority would vote to re elect him to 1/4 term. The new poll finds Cuomo would be too typical Republican opponent by a margin of 48 to 38% news this morning that brought you by National Realty learn the insider method of obtaining 18 to 21% targeted returns. On prime building locations. Let's get another check on the traffic. Now with Cindy Wait. Good morning. Heavy delays on the belt Parkway, West Bank Cropsey Avenue with a crash. One lane is out. Parsons Boulevard is close between 30 seconds. 25th Avenue's both ways. With an accident investigation. Eastbound l I e at the ClearView with a crash One lane is out Hempstead Turnpike eastbound Glenn Curtiss Boulevard with an accident in Uniondale and in New Jersey. Three East Harmon Metal Boulevard accident in Secaucus was cleared away. Gwb inbound upper deck with a stall tractor trailer, too. Right lanes are closed Delays of 15 minutes both levels. 15 at the Holland Lincolns..

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