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Stay connected stay informed twenty four seven komo news coming up on nearly a million and a half Washingtonians filed for unemployment benefits I'm Charlie harder with the story just plug in your numbers and here's what to expect next I'm Brian Calvert without the coops are helping hospitals deal with cove it first an update from ABC news try to jump start their economies more than three million more Americans filed for jobless claims last week more than three million people filed new claims for unemployment benefits last week even as thirty nine states have taken steps toward easing coronavirus restrictions more than thirty three million Americans have lost their jobs in the last seven weeks teeing up a monthly jobs report Friday that may stagger the pace of layoffs has slowed but in some states a quarter of the work force is now unemployed B. C.'s Erin to Turkey in New York the state remains understand home orders New York governor Andrew Cuomo says cases are on the decline but too slow to risk public health and re opening too soon he also says Americans shouldn't have to choose between life and death when going back to work I understand that I'm going to die I just don't want to die now or next week and I won't don't want to die because I contracted the cold virus unnecessarily I'm Michelle Franzen ABC news one thousand FM ninety seven seven good afternoon it's one thirty one I'm Taylor Vance iced out top stories from the como twenty four seven news center the state has paid out over two billion dollars in unemployment benefits since early March and the head of the employment security department says her agency is scrambling to make sure everyone who should get paid does come was Charlie harder reports more than one point four million unemployment claims have been filed in Washington since the start of the outbreak employment security director Suzi Levine we want to emphasize that the money will not run out unemployment benefits money will not run out our trust fund is solid and right now most of the benefits right now are actually coming from the federal funds an important heads up she says if you applied a few weeks back and were initially rejected there are new federal benefits available and now you may be eligible a good way to find out she says is to file a weakly claim Charlie harder colonials they don't meet the criteria for potentially reopening the economy on a faster track but at least one member of the Thurston county commission wants to make the request anyway Thurston county commissioner Gary Edwards told fellow members this week they should apply for a variance to begin re opening the economy more quickly they reported just one death due to complications related to the disease in Thurston county one person still hospitalized according to the Olympian and all others diagnosed have recovered and I just think we need to stand up for our citizens and see if we can at least get some recognition so you're going to a phase two interim health officer there said Thurston haven't yet met the readiness criteria set up by the governor to apply the expectations for our county the size of our county is that we need to be doing at least five hundred tests a day still commissioner Edwards contended multiple local suicides have been connected to covert nineteen he says the board is obligated to balance the health of the community and individuals economic welfare curling Johnson komo news expanding on that idea the topic of mental health experts in that field say the current crisis is likely to be followed by another with so many people struggling with depression anxiety and substance abuse Megan Devine is a psychotherapist and grief educator and tells komo that not being able to connect with others has left many people feeling lonely and depressed and it's too much for many people to take when things get hard we lean on each other literally right we look to our routine in our daily customer act as anchors when things feel internal they are extremely chaotic we're challenging and we don't have that last month twenty thousand people texted a hotline run by substance abuse and mental health services administration coming up on come on in I'm baloney a lots of changes coming at the doctor's office and oppose coronavirus world I'll have more on what you might notice from you to medicine I'm Frank lensing progress is being made locally with covert.

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